Diet help please

  1. Diet help please

    DIET Critique Please


    I do not want to make this a book but I think a little backround would help. I am 25 and have been lifting for 5 years. I started my diet 5 weeks ago with good results but am starting to plateau. My starting height is 6 feet tall and weight was 218 with a bodyfat around 17%. 5 weeks in I am down to 199 at probably 13%.

    Here is my diet

    Meal 1 (7:00 am) after 40 minutes of cardio
    6 egg whites
    4 ounces of lean steak, or chicken
    1/2 cup oatmeal dry (37 carbs)

    Meal 2 (9:30 am)
    1 Labrada carb watcher lean body or biotest low carb grow Shake

    Meal 3 (12:15)
    1 8 oz. chicken breast or tuna
    1/2 cup brown or basmatti rice
    1 cup of broccolli

    Meal 4 (3:30) pre workout
    2 rice cakes or 1 rice cake and 1 apple
    usually with 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter

    Meal 5 ( right after workout (6:30)
    8 ounces of chicken, fish or buffalo
    2 cups of broccolli
    1/2 cup of rice
    1 cup of salad with light vinagrette

    meal 6 (9:45)
    1 low carb shake or 6 egg whites

    I am starting to pleateau alot. I am not sure if it just time, lack of cardio, or something else

    My cardio is at 45minutes a day sometimes twice at 5 days a week
    I have had two cheat meals in the five weeks on the diet. Last one was 5 days ago.

    Training: I am training as heavy as possible still, if I have energy
    Supplements: multi, omega-3 liquid, and digestive enzymes also a heavy fat burner cycled.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated

  2. Any idea what the calorie level is and macro break-down?
    One suggestion I'd make is to switch meal 2 and meal 5 around, probably better to have a liquid meal PWO and the solid food meal in the morning.

    Once you know the breakdown you could also experiment with carb/calorie cycling, there is some good posts on this here...

  3. i'm with GTO on those suggestions. looks like you could use some additional protein on meals 4 and 6 as well. the fact that you've lost 19lbs 5 weeks is amazing, but you have to consider being that you're lighter now, that you'll need less calories. nothing major, 200-300 cal adjustments goes a long way. but we really need those daily macros to get specific.

  4. Have you adjusted anything? or been on the same diet the whole time?

  5. I am not quite sure of my calorie and macronutrient breakdown, I keep telling myself to get on and figure this stuff out but I havent because Im a lazy ass I guess. A few days a week I will substitute rice for a sweet potato or the rice cake for another protein shake. One thing I am struggeling with is my preworkout so I get a good snack but it fills me up, that is why I have the apple and rice cake but I will try switching a few of these up. Thanks for all your advice

  6. Knowing your BMR, calorie intake and macro breakdown is key. I'd figure that out, try to get it exact as possible and post it up here.

  7. Sorry for the delay, I used and it looks like I am at 2060 cal. per day with a macro breakdown of 52%p, 24%carbs and 24%F. This seems kind of off but is probably pretty close. My BMR is right around 3100 per day depending on day. Im not sure exactly how the breakdown should be. Any help would be great

  8. IMO you need to up those cals some to get your metabolic furnace running again. Looks as though your body is in starvation mode and slowing down to preserve itself. Some good old fashioned refeeds on the carbs will do wonders as well. Once a week load up on starchy carbs like pasta but lower your fat intake on those days. $.02
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