I have been on cycle for about 6 1/2 weeks. for the first four i ran PP to bulk up and recieved excellent gains (especially in terms of strength) and did also recieve good size gains. at the end of my PP i started HD. ive been on that for 19 days now. i immediately started the cut when i got on HD. things have been going quite well for the most part. im doing a pretty good job of retaining my size. i have a two on, one off schedule that looks like this... day 1- chest/back, day 2- legs, day 3- off, day 4- arms, day 5- shoulders/ traps, day 6- off, day 7- repeat...ive been doing my cardio on an empty stomach in the morning on my off days. once im on my very last week im going to be doing a few more sessions of cardio to really take advantage of the HD the last few days. my main question is this, when i do my PCT regimine, how should i go about my diet? my carbs lately have been real low, my protein is pretty good and most of my energy is coming from EFA's. on pct should i eat heavier but just real clean? i dont want to lose any size but i also dont want to gain back the fat ive lost. should i take something like sesathin during my pct and just eat heavier?