Muscle Loss BF%?

  1. Question Muscle Loss BF%?

    Hey guys, I'm curious if I am calculating this right or not. I believe I have lost around 12 lbs of fat, and 4 lbs of muscle. I used calipers for measurement. Diet stayed semi clean but higher cal. until March 1st (birthday) And have been low carb and cals since(lost 15 lbs from Mar. 1 -23). I am taking Sesamin(4 cap daily), Venom(1 cap Daily, 2 on w/o days), Thyrogen-X (3 caps daily for 12 days, 1 cap since),Retain (1 cap before bed) Camph ( just started 6 caps for last 7 days). I am 6'1, 21 years old. I train 3-4 days per week with a variable custom w/o lasting 2 hours (average). Cardio included post w/o, which lasts 15 min. (2x per week).

    Jan. 30 2006 (20% BF)
    (52lbs fat,208lbs lean & skeletal tissue?)
    Starting weight: 260lbs
    Waist (belly button): 44.75"
    Waist (belt/hip): 41"
    Chest: 50.25"
    Left Arm: 17.75"

    Mar. 23 2006 (15% BF)
    (36lbs fat,202lbs lean & skeletal tissue?)
    Weight: 238 lbs
    Waist (belly button): 42.5"
    Waist (belt/hip): 39.5"
    Chest: 47.75"
    Left Arm: 17.25

  2. Looks like

    -16 BF
    -6 LBM

  3. Ahh, I see. Ok Thanks for the reply man. Is this an ideal or ok ratio of (8:3) BF loss:Muscle loss? Or am I losing to much lean tissue?

  4. Almost 1/4 of the weight that you have lost has been muscle, I would say that't too high. Try to eat more. Your actual weight lost may be less, but you could still lose the same amount of fat.

  5. I was afraid of that answer. Thanks for the input....Time to bring on the Oatmeal and whey!



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