Soy Protein

  1. Soy Protein

    Yah i'm one of those unlucky bastards totally allergic to any and all milk products and whey is just slaughter, it can put me in the hospital. As such I've been relegated to lowly Soy protein.

    (Egg protein powder seemed for some strange reason to cause an allergic reaction although I eat eggs no problem all the time?!?!)

    Was wondering if anyone can recommend an amazing quality Soy protein or even better a Soy MRP that doesn't contain any type of milk proddy.

    P.S. I'm curently using SoyOne but the 18g protein per serving isn'y getting the job done.

  2. even if the product is lactose free? you still have problems?

    there are quite a few soy proteins out there, will try to find where I posted some good ones last and link ya. (I personally like Vegefuel from Twinlabs the best, but I haven't used very many soy products and that was a long time ago, maybe better options... still my personal fave though, was impressed)

  3. here you go, the list is in a post of mine about halfway down the page... would just cut and paste it but the thread as a whole might have some other options for you to consider.

    Protein Breakdown Thread

  4. Awesome bro thanks a lot, just read that and it's got a lot of good brands, surprised I missed it earlier. Still looking for a Soy MRP but I suppose I can just make my own.

    And yah even Lactose free whey gives me problems as it's not lactose I'm allergic to it's anything milk related. Yogurt, Milk, Whey seems the worst tho, my throat constricts and I have trouble breathing.

    I've tried about 10 *Lactose free* whey's, same problem with any of them, allergy is so bad all I have to do is smell the product and I'll know immediately if I'm allergic.

  5. man, that's horrible ... would make my diet a bitch to work with, as I looove milk products. good luck with that stuff though, if I come across anything else noteworthy I'll give you a heads up.

  6. Well considering I'm allergic to all Milk prods/Whey Protein/Tuna and Salmon, and I'm an extremely tall, thin, Ecto, it's safe to say bulking is a bitch.

    But on the good side, I've progressed up to 205lbs (before I got salmonella last week) up from 165lbs, 3 years ago and I have a very low BF% so it's all muscle.
    It's not easy but it can be done.

  7. You can also order yourself some SPI from proteincustomizer. I've not tried the SPI but I do like their MPI.


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