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    Post My Albuterol Log

    DAY 1:
    I just took my first 4MG dose of Albuterol. I plan on running this cycle for 15 days. I do have one question that I haven't been able to find an answer for however... does it matter if dosing is on an empty stomach or not? Just kind of wondering about that. Thanks to BigMatty and Achilles for their great logs and I will try to base similar to theirs. I also ordered some Yohimbe HCL so I will be running that with the alb as soon as it arrives.

    Starting Stats:
    Height: 5'9''
    Weight: 175lbs.
    BF: 16/17% (right around)

    As far as my diet is concerned I will be 500 calories below maintainence for the duration of the cycle.

    I will also be performing morning cardio MWF (Team Basketball Class) and TR will be cardio after my lifting. Weight training is a 5 day split. The weekends will consist of some form of cardio as well.

  2. isnt albuterol an asthma thing

  3. sorry im kinda rookie to this whole thing

  4. Jake,

    You may have already found your answer on the boards but in case you haven't....yes, Albuterol is prescribed for asthma but it is very effective for fat loss while retaining lean mass. It is similar to Clenbuterol but with a much lower risk of side effects and a much shorter half-life. It also increases your ability to do cardio which Clen can make nearly impossible.

    I only have one cycle of Albuterol under my belt and I didn't have the greatest of results. However, I used it as part of PCT after a cycle Halodrol/Prostan and I leaned out a bit without dropping any of the weight I gained on the cycle so I am pretty happy with the results.

    Your diet has to be dialed in really good before you will see excellent results though. Good luck to you.

    Sorry to hijack the log!
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    Day 2:
    Everything went pretty well today, 3 doses @ 4mg each. As far as sides are concerned the only thing I really noticed was the shakes, but they are very tolerable. As far as my workout I hit the gym and did abs and 25 minutes of cardio and then came home and played basketball for another 30. The increased cardio ability is quite noticable and a great plus. Sweating is another huge factor and goes up quite a bit. Well, tomorrow's legs so I will let you know how that goes.

    *I will also be weighing in once a week.*

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    DAYS: 3 & 4
    Well nothing very new to report today, leg workout went good yesterday. Pretty sore today as well. Played basketball for about 2 hours today and Im still very impressed by the cardio this stuff is amazing. I have a bottle of clen just sitting around so I was kinda contemplating running that every other day or so, that way I could effectiveness of clen without dosing it everyday. Just something I was thinking about though, who knows. I started about 175 and I will check my weight in about 3 days so I will post thos results soon as well.

  7. Log is looking good brotha. Are oyu going ot postb efore and after pics?

  8. What is the scientific explanation for albuterol increasing cardio endurance? Ephedrine is a beta-2 agonist as well and doesn't give these effects and I don't think clen does either?

    Edit: there's this

    Salbutamol is similar in mechanism to albuterol

    There seem to be quite a few studies that look at Beta-2 agonists and their effects on exercise performance in non-asthamatics. Most seem to be positive but they don't know by what mechanism
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    Yeah, I will post before and after at the end of my 2 week cycle.

  10. Nice. How many cals have you been taking in a day(roughly)?
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    I've been taking about 1800 - 2000 depending on how much I have been working out. Diet has been moderately strict in that sense just not as much pertaining to where the cals are coming from. I'm going to focus more on that this week and keep on track.
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    DAYS 5 & 6
    Well sorry for the lack of update the last couple days, been pretty busy with school. Anyway, Sunday I played bball for a couple hours and got in some pretty good cardio. Alb makes running a breeze! Still sweating a lot and have the shaked a little bit, but they are very managable. Monday I did morning cardio and made it back to the gym late night to do a ciruit and sit in the sauna for about 20 min. I will post again later today and let you know how the workout goes.
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    DAY 7:
    Workout went well today, shoulders/traps/abs. Weighed in and I'm down a pound in seven days. I think I expected a little more, but I don't know. I think I was eating more than I should have for the last week so I decided to be safe and start using fitday to track my calorie intake. I calculated my BMR with activity and it came out to be about 2969 calories or so. This seemed a little high to me, but I guess it could be right. If anyone has a different opinion on this let me know. Other than that, I will continue on and see what happens.
    Total: 2343
    Fat: 17%
    Carbs: 38%
    Protein: 45%
    -600 calorie deficit

  14. I have albuterol in my emergency inhaler. It must not have the same effects as the oral kind. I have no problem putting on weight.

  15. I think even oral albuterol, because it is run at such high doses, probably dilates the lungs and enhances oxygen uptake as well as CO2 output. I have no scientific data to back this up, but it makes sense to me. FWIW

  16. Quote Originally Posted by NiteHawk
    I have albuterol in my emergency inhaler. It must not have the same effects as the oral kind. I have no problem putting on weight.
    You require much higher doeses than you would be getting through an inhaler for it to be effective for fat loss
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    DAY 8:
    Just got back from the gym and played 1 on 1 bball for about an 1.5 hours or so. Had a 50 min team basketball class this morning as well so lots of cardio. Didn't hit the weights, but i will definetly be doing that tomorrow. Probably back and bi's. I figure if I lift at least every other day, at minimum and do cardio on those off days I will be able to maintain a decent split (if i don't get a chance to lift every day, which I plan on trying to) Kinda hard with college/work. Other than that, everything is going well.

    Total: 2384
    Fat: 37 grams - 14%
    Carbs:329 grams - 52%
    Protein:194 grams -33%

    I figured the increased carbs would be helpful due to all the cardio I did today. still kept protein decently high as well.

  18. Ey, I would lower the carbs and increase protein if I were you. I weigh 205 and while doing a clean bulk I take in 350/350/100, at a 40/40/20 ratio. While cutting I think it would be more advantageous to lower carbs and bump protein up, I'd go into the 1.75grams/lb range or more and cut cals according to how much you bump the protein up. Also, I'm assuming you're cycling carbs, what is your macro split on low days?

  19. I forgot to put this in, but while cutting I keep my protein at the same 350 grams/day level, and drop carbs to 250ish/200ish. This leaves me with 1400kcal from protein and 800kcal from carbs at about 2200kcal. Add in the 50 grams fat and thats 2650, which for your BMR would be a 300 call deficit and for me, would be a much larger deficit. I manage to maintain all my strength and energy this way and have yet to lose lean mass while cutting. On off days, carbs get cycled down 75 to 100 grams at most and I do extensive walking for cardio. I've had very good luck doing things like this, so if you're looking for any ideas try something similar (but adjusted to your caloric needs).
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    Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I have been busy doing some rush things for my house. The last two days have been off unfortunely and I haven't made it to the gym. I managed to get cardio playing basketball and football though, so it hasn't been terrible i guess. DEFINITELY going to get back into it tomorrow and I will let you know how it goes. KTW - thanks for the tips and was considering lower the carbs, but haven't eaten very good the last couple days. Im going to do that and see how it goes from now on.

  21. Good to hear that it really helps your cardio - I ordered my supply this weekend, can't wait til it comes in this week... I don't even care about muscle, I'm just going for the bone-shredded look this summer - I'd really like to hit about 8%
  22. mkashcraft
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    Sounds good, cardio is awesome for sure. Good luck with your cut!

    As far as my log is concerned I did cardio on an empty stomach this morning for about 50 minutes, a basketball class I have (not too high paced) and went to the gym and did back and bi's. Workout went good and I am definetly leaner. I am starting 50mg benadryl this week/nightly to make sure the beta 2's stay fresh. Other than that this is my last week on cycle, then I will be taking 2 weeks off and back at it again. It has definetly been worth it thus far.

    Total: 2196
    Fat: 59G 25%
    Carbs: 213G 35%
    Protein: 209G 40%

    Cals are probably slightly higher, but still going strong. I still need to work on lower carbs further as well.

  23. Up the protein man. It is not advantageous to workout on an empty stomach, there is an article on T nation about it. If I were you I would AT LEAST drink some WPI or BCCA's before and during the cardio, if not also drinking some more before workout. You're really weakening your workout by coming in both carb depleted and after a long bout of cardio. It is very possible you are depleting glycogen storages, which would be detrimental. I know some people try to do that in order to increase the use of fat for energy, but I personally would reccomend against it. Either way, at least make sure you have some type of protein or bcaa's in you in that period to prevent catabolism.


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