Supps. with T3?

  1. Supps. with T3?

    Quick question... I'm now three weeks into my diet and now I'm starting to take T3 for the next 3-4 weeks. Since it is my first time taking this stuff, I'm going to keep the dosages low. 25mcg for the first week, then 50mcg. for the next week or two, then back down to 25mcg. I've been taking clen for the first three weeks, and plan to get back on it when the T3 is done. My question is: what other supps can I take with the T3? I've been taking Lipo-6 with the clen and had great results. Can I take this with the T3? Would the guggulsterones help or hurt my thyroid when taking the T3? Or would an ECA stack be better? Thanks for your help.

  2. Hmmmm, this is the only post that no one answererd. I'm sure someone know this.

  3. I wouldn't mess with T3, read my posts.

  4. Man Clen and T-3 are pretty powerful together without adding anything. I suppose you could add caffeine or ephedra but your prostate is going to kick you in the ass.

  5. I think you're saying you will run a low-ish dose of T3 by itself, then clen by itself? If so, yes you can add EC to your T3 provided you finish the EC awhile before getting onto clen.



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