Wow, Im back

  1. Wow, Im back

    Ok, so its been awhile since my last post and I have been kinda stale-mated on my diet. I have maintained and I got a Body Fat percentage test. At 275 my BF% is 24 which isnt too bad.

    Things i have started.

    Im doing a HIIT program in the morning before eating anything. I am doing this 4 times a week. Tues. Weds. Fri and Sat. I am also lifting at 1-2pm 6 days a week, except for Sundays. I have kept my diet relatively close to my last plan.
    Big thing i want to introduce is a thermogenic of some type, i am currently taking Lipo-6. Heard of Any good ones?

  2. 6 day a week weight training, and 4 days HIIT?

    You might be overdoing it bro. If you lost a substantial amount initially, it's only natural to see losses slow down. Increasing intensity or volume can actually have a negative effect. Your body will adjust to the calorie expenditure relative to how much it takes in. JMO.

    I'd be sure that I'm not overtraining, in either lifting or cardio.. It can be detrimental and you can lose LBM fast.

    have you tried carb cycling? Look up Dan Duchaine's Body Opus diet.. it's actually really good.. I use a hybrid form of it when I cut.

    I'm not an authority on the subject at all, I just know what works for me and what my common sense tells me. Everyone is different of course.

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