Why no powdered Oats?

  1. Why no powdered Oats?

    Why don't they make micronized oats? Would be easier to incorporate them in shakes and make them a more mobile food source.

  2. I tried powdering them in a coffee grinder a few times. It works but there are few disadvantages.

    One is after you've ground tem up..they take up way more volume as the powder is extremely fluffy.

    The other is when you add the powder to shakes in any decent amount, it makes the shake really gloppy. It's way easier to drink down the whole oats IMO.

    Some companies are adding powdered oats to thier formulas..but of course they charge for it so why bother.

  3. The grounding also raises the GI, by the way.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by turkish
    The grounding also raises the GI, by the way.
    How's that?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mach .78
    How's that?
    Don't worry about it. It's such a minute amount that it's not worth getting excited over.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by turkish
    The grounding also raises the GI, by the way.
    No.... you are thinking of corn.

  7. Right, ground oat has almost same GI than oats.

  8. Posted by Bobo:

    Particle size of wheat, maize, and oat test meals: effects on plasma glucose and insulin responses and on the rate of starch digestion in vitro.

    Heaton KW, Marcus SN, Emmett PM, Bolton CH.

    University Department of Medicine, Bristol Royal Infirmary, UK.

    When normal volunteers ate isocaloric wheat-based meals, their plasma insulin responses (peak concentration and area under curve) increased stepwise: whole grains less than cracked grains less than coarse flour less than fine flour. <b><i>Insulin responses</i></b> were also greater with fine maizemeal than with whole or cracked maize grains but <b><i>were similar with whole groats, rolled oats, and fine oatmeal.</i></b> The peak-to-nadir swing of plasma glucose was greater with wheat flour than with cracked or whole grains. In vitro starch hydrolysis by pancreatic amylase was faster with decreasing particle size with all three cereals. Correlation with the in vivo data was imperfect. Oat-based meals evoked smaller glucose and insulin responses than wheat- or maize-based meals. Particle size influences the digestion rate and consequent metabolic effects of wheat and maize but not oats. The increased insulin response to finely ground flour may be relevant to the etiology of diseases associated with hyperinsulinemia and to the management of diabetes.

  9. I go with the coffee grinder and love it. I've never had "glop" as long as I shake it. I suppose that if you stirred it, you would still have glop.

    ......and I'm glad that someone already addressed the GI comment.....reps for you.

  10. I add oats, let them soak in my shake for 10 mins or so and I don't even notice there in there.

  11. I grind them up and just add them to my protein. I love it this way and I dont mind doing a little chewing it's necessary

  12. I grind mine up and then mix them in a shake with some Banana 20/30 blend and it tastes just like banana pudding...

  13. blended oats is the backbone of any homemade "weightgainer" shake. I dont grind them,i just put them in the blender with my shake. I feel the texture but ive gotten so used to it that my shake actually kinda tastes good now


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