Cardio Question!

  1. Cardio Question!

    Okay im planning on running a powerfull/cAMP/symmetry/Albuterol log

    which then will turn into a Stim-X plus some other non stim fat burner log, then back to powerfull/cAMP/Symmetry/Albuterol... should be a 3 month log or so... we'll see.

    Anyways what kind of cardio would you guys think would be best to preserve muscle during the cut...?
    I currently train Max OT style so i was thinking Max OT cardio, which is supposed to be good at burning fat and actually help build muscle. Basically its 16 minutes of a recumbant bike of absolute progressive high intensity cardio, everyday i do it i need to burn more calories than i did the day before. any ideas? Thanks.

  2. you can do all the special little HIT or whatever else is out there or you could do whatever you want but just keep your heart rate low enough to stay in fat burning range and do sprints too. that will do the trick if you want to keep it simple.

  3. well MaxOT cardio is basically sprints just on a recumbant bike... it goes to one resistance then lowers for an equal time then it gets harder and harder over the 16 minutes... i did it today and my HR was at 190 and would drop down to 170ish on the lower resistance interval. Would it be better to do 3 days of the maxOT cardio and then 2 days of easy cardio at around 135-140 HR? Hmmm. Donno, according to jeff willet and skiplacour they do just maxOT cardio and it works great whether bulking or cutting.

  4. I found doing the longer steady heart rate cardio works better imo. It may take a little more time, but the benefits imo are better.

  5. Normal lifting split during day. 45 min moderate treadmill at night

  6. You could do cardio on off days at moderate intensity for 30-45 min or hit. I recommend 30-45 min low intensity cardio after each workout at a heart rate of 125-145.

  7. I started doing lower intensity cardio, 65% of MHR, and I found that I recover a lot better/faster than going balls to the wall cardio. See what it can do for you.

  8. yeah i started monday with 30 mins of a HR at 130-135. I can already tell im losing fat, veins are slowly popping out of forearms, and top 2 abs slowly popping out.

  9. 20-30 min of cardio (65% of MHR) after your weights. Always gets the job done for me and spares my muscle.


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