1st off stats are as follows:
Height: 5'11
Age: 21
Weight: ~190-193
Bf: ~13%

Conversions to figure out Cals burned daily:

Bodyweight (kg) 87.54 kilograms
Fat Mass (kg) 11.38 kilograms
Lean Mass (kg) 76.16 kilograms
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) 2,175.58 calories
Cost of Activity Calorie Cost 1,087.79 calories
Exercise MET Calorie Cost 617.18 calories
Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) 326.34 calories
Total Calories Burned Daily 3,554.21 calories

I Planned on eating a 500 cal deficit, and I also decided to go with a 50/30/20 Carb/Pro/Fat Split

Protein 30% Carbs 50% Fat 20%
Deficit 500 calories
Daily Caloric Intake 3,054.21
Protein 229 grams
Carbs 382 grams
Fat 68 grams

Anyways: I adjusted my previous bulking diet so that I could only switch the foods around a little bit, and be able to drop the cals. HOWEVER... I cannot seem to drop my protein below 315 without thinking im going to starve, and lose muscle. I have got my cals down as low as I could, however its still above 3k cals and my pro is too high for where I would like it to be at.

If you guys can help me adjust this today, so that i can jump on it tomorrow, i would be very VERY appreciative. I included a link to my Excel spreadshhet with my Cutter diet on it, and all of the calculations are already in there for ease of use; in other words, feel free to play around with it, because all of the calc's should add up.

Thanks again guys!

Link to Excel Spreadsheet... http://www.robertsanders.net/tryingtocut.xls