750mg test and diet

  1. 750mg test and diet

    Ok,from what I gather when you are using steroids with cutting you can go even lower on calories without muscle wasting , so if thats true say my target cutting diet is about 2700 calories and I was taking 750mg test enthate a week to prevent muscle wasting what would be my daily calorie goal for maximum fat loss with retaining maximum muscle?

  2. I can see it now "The obese prescribed testosterone"

  3. When dieting down in an attempt to maximize fat-loss, yes--test will prevent some of the catabolic effects of large caloric restriction. Only to a point, though.

    I'd start out with 10-12kcal per pound of bodyweight/day (or whatever you've found has worked for you in the past) and stick there for a couple of weeks. Doing cardio will be good because the catabolic effects will be offset by 750mg/wk of test enanthate. I'd suggest HIIT 2-3x a week and 1-2 60 minute low-intensity sessions in addition to weight training.

    If you aren't getting the results you want (i.e not losing bodyfat quickly enough) then drop 300-500kcal from your daily intake and keep everything else the same. See what your fat loss is like after a week or two, and adjust up or down from there. You'll eventually find the point at which you can restrict calories to the extent that maximized fat-loss while holding onto your LBM. It is an individual thing, so you must find out through experimentation.

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