Need a formula for figuring BMR w/bodyfat included

  1. Need a formula for figuring BMR w/bodyfat included

    Hey I am thinking about doing some work on my old BMR calculator but I need a formula that takes in a count bodyfat. I remember that someone posted it to the old thread but in the server move I believe it got lost... so if you have one please post it or if you have a suggestion on what you might want to see on a spreadsheet for figuring your calories post it...

    Matt D

  2. I'm at work right now - I got one at home somewhere's I'll try to get it to you tonight - do you have excel?

  3. Yes I have excel.. appreciate Viking. I just need the formula more than anything..
  4. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    Let us know when you have modified the BMR calculator to take into account BF.
    I`m about 16~%BF now, & the current calculator seems to overstate my maintenance by a few hundred calories.
    Hopefully the new formula will be closer to the mark.

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