1. Atd/fat

    why does atd make you gain fat?[I would of figured the other way around]

  2. Its the other way

  3. Really ambiguous question. Can you be more specific please?
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Robboe
    Really ambiguous question. Can you be more specific please?
    well I ran a cycle of UHer and gained BF granted my diet could of been better and then I read a post by HRT guy in the PCT section [dont think this guys playin with a full deck he says ATD could make you turn gay]

  5. Did you gain a considerably large amount of fat that you otherwise wouldn't have based on the diet you had ?

  6. I would say yes to that

  7. I recomped like crazy on my NHA stack. I'd look at your diet!

  8. quote from alri Re: Question on loss of libido during PCT ali11atc,
    Running ATD for one more week is fine if bringing back your HTPA is your main goal.

    While I don't like straight ATD because of it's effect on libido and fat gain I do like it better than HCG (which doesn't even bring back the HPTA) and nolvadex/clomid.

    If Ultra Hotter or PCT (by Anabolic Xtreme) didn't exist, I would use ATD for short term use because of the rapid HPTA recovery you experience.


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