The Anabolic Diet?

  1. The Anabolic Diet?

    I've been wanting to try this for eight weeks. Got it all planned out and everything. Anybody try this and did you see results?

  2. First... why did you duplicate this thread? Second, I would think that anything that is high in protein and fats would be anabolic. Hell, intaking alot of food can be anabolic. Low carbs such as 30 to 50 grams a day will leave you feeling like crap. You probably come out better moderating your carbs, so that you have energy throughout the day to do anything. Stick to the Low GI carbs and stir away from the high Gis.
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  3. I have never looked at it thoroughly but I am guessing it uses high fats/protein and low carbs to put your body into a Ketonic state and the uses a carb ramp to trigger an insulin spike. If this is the case, then I wouldn't reccommend it at all. IMO you would do alot better for yourself moderating your carbs like Achilles said in order to provide for your body the neccessarry fuel. Personally, I don't like these diets at all, it's kinda like the Atkins diet, or maybe it's the South Beach diet, either way it is no good. Besides putting your body into a Ketonic state makes your breath smell absolutely foul

  4. Is that like carb cycling by any chance?



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