Lipoderm Ultra and Redline.. Problem?

  1. Lipoderm Ultra and Redline.. Problem?

    Hey all,

    Im looking at using Lipo Ultra for the first time combined with VPX Red Line and a clean diet for my cut.. I was just curiouis with never using lipo ultra is there anything i should be concerened about when using it with Red Line?


  2. I don't think so but start off low to assess tolerance and reactions.

  3. redline has yohimbine in it so does ultra so yes start low

  4. Bear in mind Lipo Ultra takes ages to dry and stinks! Lipo Y drys quick and doesn't - is a third cheaper too.

    Avant claims Ultra is far superior, however Y worked better for me.

    Good luck with the cut!

  5. yohimbe is the major thing you gotta worry about here. ITs a strange agent when it comes to its effects. I high doses it cause a major vasodialtion and can cause hypotension. In low amounts it causes fluttering of the heart and anxiety.

    Redline is like crack in a bottle.



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