We know there are ways to boost metabolism. The body is quirky, but it seems that it would be possible to boost your metabolism before cutting by tailoring diet/training to maximize metabolism. I think decline in metabolism is related to the metabolic hormones crashing.

Any thoughts on if it would be possible to boost your metabolism (thyroid hormones) to prevent or at least minimize diet crashes?

I'm thinking this probably wouldn't be as applicable to most of us, because we probably already have something close to optimum metabolism.

But many sedentary people do everything wrong in terms of diet/training (like not doing them). For these people who take in 2000 calories per day--all in one meal--just switching to frequent smaller feedings at maintenance cals and beginning to lift and do some cardio would probably allow them to start shedding fat slowly, while simultaneously getting their metabolism on track. Otherwise, I'd think the diet would crash pretty quickly.