Should i cut my bulk short?

  1. Should i cut my bulk short?

    Hey guys! I've been bulking since december and iv'e put on 20-30pounds. When i started the bulk i was already a somewhat higher bf, like 13-14% at 172-ish lbs. Now im 195ish pounds at 17-18% bf and im beginning to become uncomfortable with my BF situation... think i should end the bulk short? i was planning for another 24 days, because i just started up a reboundxt, PowerFULL, CissusRX stack. Should i continue with the bulk maybe add a little cardio to keep fat down and ride it out or should I start cutting? I have some albuterol that i've been waiting to use. Only reason I am wondering is because i wonder how good this stack would help aid fat loss and retain muscle or how it would help build muscle and keep fat off. Some poeple say their waist goes down on powerFULL and their size goes up... any help would be great.

  2. I would cut back down under 15%, but thats just me.

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