Help With GF's Cutting Diet

  1. Help With GF's Cutting Diet

    OK so I did a diet for my girlfriend, who is wanting to shed some pounds (go figure).

    She has been on this diet for 2 weeks, and hasn't seen any weight loss. She has replaced fat with muscle, but she wants the scale to say less than it does now Some help from you guys would be great.

    Her Stats: 5'4 127lbs Training for 2 1/2 years.

    Her Current Diet:
    Meal 1: 1 Scoop Casein Protein, 1 Cup Broccoli, 1 String Cheese
    Protein: 33
    Carbs: 10
    Fats: 13

    Meal 2: ½ Chicken Breast, 6 Fish Oils
    Protein: 24
    Carbs: 1
    Fats: 8

    Meal 3 (Pre-Workout): 1 Can Tuna, ½ Multi-Grain Bagel
    Protein: 37
    Carbs: 34
    Fats: 2

    Meal 4 (Post-Workout): ½ Multi-Grain Bagel, 2/3 Scoop Whey Protein
    Protein: 21
    Carbs: 29
    Fats: 1

    Meal 5: 1 Can Tuna, ½ Multi-Grain Bagel, 1 Cup FF Milk, 1 Cup Broccoli
    Protein: 47
    Carbs: 44
    Fats: 8

    Meal 6: 1 TBSP Natural Peanut Butter, ½ Scoop Casein Protein
    Protein: 23
    Carbs: 7
    Fats: 15

    Calories: 1663
    Protein: 185
    Carbs: 125
    Fats: 47

    Her Training:
    She trains 4 times a week, with cardio two or three times a week for 45 minutes on the stairstepper.

    edit: shes 21 knew I forgot to post something
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  2. I'd cut out the bagles and peanut butter, her carbs and fat seem a little high. Maybe she could replace the bagle with some cottage cheese or plain fat free yogert?

  3. A before bedtime meal of Cottage Cheese, Fats + Glucophase XR is a killer combination so far on my cut. I know it's helping me burn fat during the evening. But I fear this works better for recomping then just losing weight (although I'm guessing it will work great for both)

    I'd suggest training 3x per week and moving cardio sessions up to 5-6x per week. This will cause her to burn more calories then she is now.

  4. It know its a female obsession more than a male one, but please don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat, due to a higher density. She may be getting leaner, but the scales can go up. If she wants to see results, try taking a bf% and working on that, or take measurements of her hips, thighs and stomach. Watching these decrease will mean more than a pound or two on the scales.
    130lbs of a muscular female and 130lbs of an inactive one are not the same thing at all.

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