T3 with Anavar? ..... For female

  1. T3 with Anavar? ..... For female

    Would var help with the catabolic properties of T3?

    I live in Canada. I can't find real Clen up here. Don't want to risk it with customs these days. That's why I'm considering T3
    I already have the var (10mg)
    I'm female trying to lose 20lbs bodyfat witout losing LBM.


  2. Definitely do some research on the topic, especially in forums that have a large female population that cycle AAS as well as T3.

    I have limited knowledge on the subject. From what I know, T3 will enhance the action of an anabolic agent. It increases the conversion of protein, cho, and fat. So yes, they are a good combo.

    I believe you had stated in previous thread that you were preparing for photo shoot. So am I wrong to assume you have your workout routine down?

    More importantly though, post up your diet and let's have a look at that first. I am sure some will have pertinent input. I have heard that people taking T3 can eat quite dirty and still lose BF
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  3. More importantly though, post up your diet and let's have a look at that first. I am sure some will have pertinent input. I have heard that people taking T3 can eat quite dirty and still lose BF
    I havn't found this to be the case. My first and only time I used it to keep lean during a bulk (not too dirty, but it was faaaaar from clean) and it just diminished the gains for me. I didn't get any leaner either, in fact, I think I ended up more pudgy.

    You'd see drastically better results with a clean diet and cardio while on anything. Their effects would be magnified while on compounds like this!

  4. Oh, BTW, var will combat T3's muscle wasting effects.

  5. I'm off work for 4 more weeks. Then it's full tilt back to work on the road. I travel full time, staying in hotels which very rarely have a gym. Which is why I fell off the training wagon to begin with.
    I'll be sure to ask for your advice on that issue as my departure date draws nearer.

    Until then I need to prepare. I live way in country with no gym near me. There is no room for my universal in the new house. It has everything on it - including a smith machine.
    Do you think it would be crazy to put in the dinning room instead of the table? I never eat there anyway.
    I would be forced to stare at it every time I'm in the kitchen no no don't eat that.... lol

    So now I'm left with a treadmill, dumbbells, incline bench, with leg extension/ curls, exercise ball.
    I've put together some good routines with what I've got left.

    This is how my diet/ workouts look right now:
    ( I have a pulled groin muscle right now which is making lower body weight training less than I'd like). If it doesn't heal my job becomes impossible.

    45-60 min of cardio daily first thing
    Meal 1: 1 cup oatmeal with 1/2 cup fresh fruit
    Meal 2: vegi sticks & tuna or 1/2 mrp shake
    Meal 3: 3 egg whites, small WW wrap, 1/2 apple
    Meal 4: 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, 1/2 cup berries, 40g bran
    45-60 min Weights every other day Upper Then Lower
    Meal 5: 5oz of chicken or salmon, with brown rice & vegies, or 1/2 yam & vegies
    Meal 6: 1/2 cup cottage cheese/ LF yogurt & berries, 40g bran.

    I cant afford to lose any more time due to injuries. I sometimes do this. To hard to fast= injury for me. Now this reoccuring groin thing is really slowing me down.
    I don't want to over do it, but I have nothing but time for the next 4 weeks. I need to make them count.

    Thanx guys

    BTW: anyone from canada finding clen up here?

  6. I say forgo the dining room table and set up the universal

    maybe increase your cardio?? always helps to change things up....??
    RIP Ryan, :(

  7. Add some protein to meal 1. Single most important nutrient upon waking, post workout and before bed IMO. You could make meal 1 a blended one? Add a scoop of whey, some water or skim milk, oats (I would only use 1/4 to 1/2 cup while cutting, esp since you get carbs in the fruit) and your fruit (berries recommended here as they are low GI and high in anti oxidants, esp blueberries). I also like to add a 1/2 tablespoon of Sesalean.

    And this is just my opinion here but: you don't want any clen. You can reach your goals through diet and cardio alone and maintain much better overall health in doing so.
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