Well, Spring Break is almost here (only about 4 weeks away ... gotta love the quarter system) and I'm disappointed with the [lack of] results I intended to achieve this winter. I have seen the expected muscle and strength gains (primarily due to hiring a local trainer to evaluate my current level and help develop something to take me to the next level), but it has been my own lack of self-discipline in my diet that has kept me from reaching my potential.

While I have the "power and ability" to be disciplined in what I eat (hell, I did it a couple years ago to lose about 30 pounds while in high school), I lacked the dedication to actively research and try out different nutrition techniques and proper nutrient timing, intake, etc. Fortunately, these boards have helped to educate me in what "eat right and exercise" really means.

As soon as BoBo begins taking new clients, I am going to sign on to one of this programs - I see this as an awesome compliment to my discipline in sticking to my exercise regime. Coupled with the knowledge I've already gained from these boards, having someone guide me to better nutrition is what I need to make the next step forward.

But as with everything, I want to gain more knowledge in how this all works. Not-so-much as sample cutting plans or diet regimes, but how nutrients work, which amino acids contribute to certain attributes, etc. I've been book-marking a lot of the threads on these boards (and am working to compile them in a list format at the end of this thread), but was hoping someone could give some more supplemental material.

Has anyone found any reputable internet websites or books that talk about nutrition? I've downloaded some of the manuals to some of the "get your fitness certification online" websites, just to get an understanding of some of the basics of nutrition (what macronutrients are, etc.), but want to gain some more knowledge in how things actually work (so I don't have to be as dependent on people like BoBo for the rest of my life...). Im not opposed to purchasing books or journals, either so whatever youve found useful, Id like to hear about!

Any suggestions? Oh, and how about that Buckeye basketball! Go Bucks!