stupid albuterol question, need help

  1. stupid albuterol question, need help

    I have some prescription albuterol that is intended for use in nebulizer treatments. It is packaged in plastic vials and each vial is listed as
    albuterol sulfate 2.5mg/3Ml*

    *potentcy expressed as albuterol then on the bottom it says equivalent to 0.5ml albuteol sulfate0.5% diluted to 3 ml with normal saline

    My question is can this be taken orally like research albuterol since it says on the box intended for inhalation purposes?

    Any thoughts or this just a stupid question?

  2. Not a good idea. First you don't know all the ingredients in the vials, maybe some of them cannot be ingested. Second, You would need more than 3-5 vials per day to get 8-12mg Albuterol.

  3. yeah youd be better off just ordering some from one of the board sponsors trying to take the one meant for a nebulizer is a waste youll need like over 300 bottles to get enough for two weeks worth taking 24 a day.

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