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  1. Off topic but, what is your bf% in your avatar Moyer?
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    Off topic but, what is your bf% in your avatar Moyer?
    Your guess is as good as mine. Calipers say 9-10%. Cheapo boielectric bf scale says 22.7%

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Moyer
    Your guess is as good as mine. Calipers say 9-10%. Cheapo boielectric bf scale says 22.7%
    Thanks. 9-10 sounds about right. I am getting close to that appearance wise and like to compare with other peoples readings to try and ascertain an accurate average. ( Say that 10 times fast, whew )
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  4. Beelz. If you cook the eggs then I would throw in some Bell peppers. I chop up half a pepper and it adds to the flavor and theres a nice crunch when i am eating.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    Why do you avoid fruits? What are you referring to when you say simple sugars? It is the GI that shows us the effect on bloodsugar. Most fruits have a GI lower than oats. Strawberries have a GI of 40, wild blueberries are about 13. Also, what is your reasoning for excluding carbs in the evening, as long as you avoid hi GI and starchy carbs you will be just fine. Whey is the last type of protein you want before bed even in milk, stick to whole foods, cassein, or at least a blend protein ( which is what I do out of sheer convenience ). And why restrict dairy? Yogurt is a great source of slow release protein and low GI carbs, plus the active cultures aid in digestion. Recent studies have shown dairy products to aid in fatloss. FWIW
    Not an easy answer. But first let me say it is what works for me. Never claiming to an expert or anything. I will attempt to explain my logic in a layman fashion as I donít recall the specifics/Scientifics at this time. I look at the body kind of like I do a car or machine of sorts. We know the body has many ways to maintain itself. We also know some are not favorable for our desires. If I want to loose BF then I look at what I want my body to burn. In this case FAT. So loosely based on that I want to eliminate the others in a controlled/healthy manner. Directing the body to burn FAT for fuel. We won't bother discussing protein needs as we all understand that about the same. Most of us agree but not all, that science and reality don't always line up. We know that the liver and the muscle tissues both have glycogen stores. When they are empty the body basically turns to fat for basic fuel. Fat is very high in value in its respects to what the body needs. But it requires great energy to convert as needed. (good thing) Here is where the complex carbs come in. Burning fat just to digest if all goes according to plan. The liver n the other hand if my memory is with me also holds glycogen but of a different value so to speak. It also has a larger store mainly filled by the complex carbs. Notice I make distinction of complex and simple carbs NOT low or high GI. One might suggest celery as an example it requires more energy to digest than it provides. By limiting the simple carbs which generally convert to sugar and feed the muscle stores which are very small, we encourage FAT burning. Also once the muscle stores have reached capacity the rest is stored as fat. Complex via the liver does not as much due to its much larger store, to the best of my memory. I am thinking that it may also dump the excess instead of storing but my memory is unsure there. I also believe we get a much smoother more stable blood sugar with this concept. This adds up to more control over what is happening. Sugars create spikes due to their rapid assimilation. With this recipe you then determine what to add or take away. I have always started this way then adjust as my body needs. Slowly finding the balance. Yes the fruits are good for you and all that you said. Itís just the method I use to train the metabolism you might say. Making it earn what it needs in one perspective. For me itís hard to explain as itís more of a philosophy than a science. I suppose I should have stated this is how I start if major loss is required. When all is falling in place so to speak and you are achieving your goals, then you get to the area of requiring finer control dietary manipulation. At that time I will lean more towards your understanding of diet. At that point in your journey, one should be aware of where they are and what they need to manipulate.

    One may look at this as a limiting of sorts for maximum metabolism change and slowly adding back as required too meet an individuals needs. We all know the types that seem to eat anything and it works as much as those that are opposite. To me this method helps you find your balance in a controlled efficient manner.

    I also believe that the body trains you as you train it. We all react differently so one must read the signs and adjust. Lets recall how complex carbs vs. sugars work for you if you are running SD with restricted calories. Hypoglycemic in a hurry for most if they get anywhere near their limits.

    To me the big key here is the metabolism. Get it running full time and keep it there if you can. Use foods that are palatable to you and as pleasing as possible. I say this as one that has learned to make it a way of life not a passing fad as we used to say. Perhaps my age has tempered me in ways. As for the protein I will agree that there are differences but only after the other facts are in control, does it become significant. We see it here all the time people have a tendency to jump to best part of cycle just like they do with video games. Lets make an example of the supplement industry or diet industry for that matter. JUST TELL ME WHAT PILL TO TAKE. We have all know the type or encountered them somewhere. They are never building the proper foundations for future growth or maintenance. I may be rambling some sorry. The main point was no carbs which you questioned. I want no excess glycogen in my body at night that can even be considered for potential fat storage. I want all energy for growth and recovery. So finding your balance is the point of the effort.

    Concerning the dairy, most has a FAT content. Referring back to my shooting for zero fat, because I know I canít eliminate nor would I want to. After I train my metabolism to burn fat and have the results to show it, then I begin to add other carbs and yes yogurt. I am a big dairy lover. But as I was inferring the way of life is easiest when you find the concessions you can have and those you canít. I suppose I realize these things as I get older and have survived many changes. When you are 20 something its totally different than being 30 or 40, and so on. Think of Ageless, looks great but canít open a jar of pickles. It is about survival and doing it the best we can that fits our individual needs and or desires. If everything you eat and do is a chore to achieve a goal, it grows old eventually. Thatís why I use the word balance, constantly adapting in this NOW ever changing world. Giving yourself the flexibility to enjoy life in your own way.

    I hope I made some sense. I will repeat I don't advocate living this way, just a method to find your BALANCE and train your metabolism. Hell I had ice cream late last night. But I enjoyed it and my methods allow it. I applied these methods during my SD. Pro cycle as well, with great success in recomping. Big difference between recomping, cutting, and maintenance. It works for me is the most I can say. My method helped a GF drop ovr40 lbs. I am also applying this to my six pack summer dream plan. I am staying strong and dropping BF as I go. Most importantly I am happy and content with my body results and condition. Sufferage is no way to live, so learn to enjoy it if you dont already. If I had to choose between a set of what ever or an evening with good relaxing company it easy. I go as far as structuring my WOs to allow for maximum flex as well. Letting myself enjoy the spontenaity of life as best I can and still achieve my personal goals.


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