check my cutting plan...

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    check my cutting plan...

    I am around 6'3", 291 lbs., and i'll say... 17-18% body fat. I am going to start cutting the end of Feb.

    Heres the plan.


    AM cardio- Interval thing (Forgot what its called) for 25 minutes Mon-Sat.

    Lifting for about an hour 5 x a week. (Should I lower intensity during cutting to save muscle?)


    Well I stole this diet off Null...

    1 grilled chicken breast
    2 cups chopped raw broccoli
    1 cup cooked wild rice
    3 caps of Fish Oil

    I was going to eat that 3x a day (after AM cardio, post workout (4PM) and after that at 6PM or so.

    At school, I was going to eat (i'm kinda limited as to what I can bring)

    1 can tuna with mustard
    100% whole wheat roll
    3 fish oil caps

    Well thats about it. All help is appreciated.

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    This may not apply to you, but I find eating the same meal multiple times gets boring and tempts me to cheat you may want to mix it up a bit..... but if that works for you, more power to ya

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