Somewhat confused aboyt my current Diet

  1. Somewhat confused aboyt my current Diet

    Ok well i just constructed my current diet and it looks something like this:

    3060 Cals

    @ 345g of Protein
    268g's of Carbs
    68g's of Fats

    Now i just can throuhg my diet and tweaked my meas to get ther numbers i wanted. Everything came out with +-10g's of the target gal except for fats, I had them exactly at 68. Now when i totalted up my calories i was a gooa 300+ short. WHat do you think could have happended with this extra 300?

  2. 345g of Protein X 4 = 1380
    268g's of Carbs X4 = 1072
    68g's of Fats X 9 = 612

    = 3064 calories

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