Thermogenic products vs. Ephedrine use

  1. Thermogenic products vs. Ephedrine use

    Please give me your opinions. I am wondering if one can acheive a shredded look with using only a thermogenic product or can it only take you so far. Do most of you find it necessary to use ECA or Ephedrine as part of cutting to attain the most shredded look for a show?

  2. No supp can aid proper diet. That is where it all starts. As far as which gave me a leaner look, I would have to say ephedra products. I tried a couple of thermogenic products but not the same as ephedra products IMO.

  3. Do you feel that its possible to get contest worthy shredded without Ephedrine?

  4. Anything is possible . Yeh you can, but ephedrine would probably just speed up the process.

  5. Thanks alot man. Im just so stressed out. I have a show in about 6 and a half weeks and ephedrine is an absolute last resort for me. I think I will be completely shredded without it. My diet is done professionally and Im taking ALRI Venom which kicks ass.

  6. You don't need ephedra to get shredded. Diet alone is enough. Also ephedra can never compare to a "strong" thermogenic.

  7. Thank you so much. I am experiencing the highest anxiety level trying to prepare for my first show. I know that I will be ready in time (a bit early hopefully) but I know that everyone is using Ephedrine to prepare. I just think I want to go that route. Plus Venom is STRONG. Massive energy.


    Just curious.

    What is the difference in how Ephedrine targets fat receptors versus some thermos? Especially ALRI Venom?

    Thanks again Guys

  8. Quote Originally Posted by theshocker21
    Do you feel that its possible to get contest worthy shredded without Ephedrine?
    Sure. It will be a bit more difficult, but definately possible. You need to get over the line of thinking that you NEED supplements. You don't. They're there to help, not be a crutch.


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