Low Fat Low Carb salad dressings?

  1. Low Fat Low Carb salad dressings?

    Are there any good ones? Who makes them?

    I always check at the grocery store and everything I see is either low carb w/ tons of soybean oil, or low fat w/ tons of high fructose corn syrup.

  2. I usually buy Newman's Own light balsamic vinaigrette, because it is 45 cals for 2 Tbs. When I use it I measure it out, then throw in a Tbs of enova or olive oil. However, it may be a little too high in sodium or fat for you depending on your goals. When I'm not feeling so lazy I make my own!

    I've had pretty good success with some of these: http://www.recipesource.com/side-dis...ings/diabetic/

    Since they're geared for diabetics they generally have about zero sugar or oil in them. I've tried 2, 3, 11, and 19, and they are decent, though they take getting used to. IME, it's the oil in salad dressing that gives it a pleasant texture and taste, so when you use one with no oil, you definitely notice it's absence. However, these taste good, and since you're making them yourself, it's easy to tweak them. Heck, you can even add small amounts of oil until you find it palatable, which you might find to be significantly less than what is put in commercial dressings.

    Otherwise, you should check out Whore (I mean 'Whole') Foods or Yuppie Joes (I mean 'Trader Joes') as they have a lot of stuff of this nature. Just be sure to scour the label for badness, as it's remarkable how unhealthy health food can be. As though having a ton of sea salt is somehow better than a ton of sodium...

  3. Walden Farms makes some good ones. The whole food store here carries them but you can get them on-line as well. I like the individual packets to take with me to work.

  4. Olive Oil + Vinegar, best salad dressing there is!


  5. Be careful with these dressings. I brought one home without reading the ingredients. I just knew it was low carb, low fat, but in the ingredients it had high fructose corn syrup.

  6. Annie's lowfat raspberry vinagrette.

  7. My local store just started carrying Kraft Light Done Right dressings. Most of them are junk but the Zesty Italian is very good. 25 cals, 2g carbs from plain sugar, 1.5g fat from olive oil and soybean oil. No corn syrup or hydrogenated oil.

    Between this and some fat free veggie dip, I'm done cooking broccoli.

  8. HEY Moyer.

    GREAT idea. I don't eat enough veggies and brocolli is a really good one. I never thought of masking the taste with some salad dressing or dip.


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  9. Fresh spinach leaves are decent too in salads and very nutritious, but the stuff I've bought before is fairly expensive and never seems to keep worth a damn. Nothin nastier than rotten spinach.

    Check my thread in the recipe section if you like veggies w/ italian dressing.


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