Stacking ALRI Venom with Ephedrine???

  1. Stacking ALRI Venom with Ephedrine???

    Has anyone ever stacked ALRI's Venom with Ephedrine HCL. I have both and was thinking about 1:1 twice a day. Anybody have any thoughts on this, suggestions?

  2. Wow. I'm pretty sure I would explode.

  3. That is simply not necessary imo.

  4. I say go for it and let us know ya feel whilst doing so. Doesn't seem like it would be too much differance from an EC stack.
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  5. There is a distinct possibility you will become cracked out. I think venom works great by itself. Maybe give venom a try for a few weeks and add in the ephedrine if you still feel its necessary.

  6. I'd try it...I actually am going to in the next week. So far, no so-called energy supplements actually give me energy. Caffeine, Tyrosine, etc. etc. etc....I can go right to sleep after taking a dose.

  7. Let us know how it works out? What kind of dosing are you going to do?

  8. I'll probably be doing 25 mg of ephedrine with each dose of Venom. Only bought one bottle of Venom, so gonna run the minimum dose to squeeze 30 days out of it.


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