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  1. Opinions on Diet

    I was looking for some opinions on my diet. I was bulking over the winter and gained too much fat along with the lean gains I was not eating as clean as I should have and gained about 2 inches in the waist. I went from 215 to 242 in a 4 month period and have lost 5 lbs in about 3 weeks without losing too much in the gym by just watching what I eat more closely and being able to do cardio again. I had hurt my back doing deads when I starting bulking and could do no cardio at all for almost the whole 4 months. I can do cardio in the AM again and now it is time to really nail the diet down.

    Just to preface this...I am an Endo that gains fat easily and it is hard to lose as I have a very slow metabolism. I have battled the bulge since Jr High and am 33 yo now.

    Stats are


    I lift 5 days a week and am doing light early am cardio 3-4 days a week (when I get my lazy ass out of bed early )

    I found that if I write down what I can eat each day, I don't cheat.

    Here is a sample of my diet I started on Sunday. I will substitute diff meats and veggies depending on what was cooked the night before. I eat the PB sandwich and Sweet Potatoe to get some pre WO carbs.
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  2. How many meals are you eating a day? My advice to you is figure out your BMR with your activity level factored in. Once you figure that out, that will be your maintenance. If you eat that many calories with your factored in activity level, you will not gain or lose weight. The next step is to take 15-20% off your BMR to give you a slight calorie restriction. Too much calorie restriction will send your body in starvation mode = you might actually lose muscle and it will be hard to get the fat off because the body thinks its starving. I would do it as a 3 low calorie days, 1 high calorie day (maintenance) until you get your desired bodyfat %. You would probably lose about 1 -1.5 lbs per week. I know it's long but at least at that rate you shouldn't be losing your muscle mass which is important because that burns calories even when resting. During a cutting cycle or when trying to lose fat, preserving muscle mass is one of the most important goals. If you have any more questions or how to figure out BMR, I'd be happy to help.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by cgcrz8
    How many meals are you eating a day? My advice to you is figure out your BMR with your activity level factored in.
    I attached a Jpeg of my excel file for a daily example.

    OK I'll Bite...How do I figure out out BMR and factor in activity level?

    I have done it before a couple years ago some way suggested on a board somewhere ...And it was way off

    I would love to get it nailed down to a science, but I also know not everybody is built the same and metabolisms are different.

    I can lose fat...but it is very hard. I gain fat very easily also.

  4. Okay, check it out. One equation for BMR is the Harris-Benedict formula (based on body weight):

    For a man: BMR=66+ (13.7 x wt in kg) + (5 x ht in cm) - (6.8 x age in years)

    once you get this answer multiply it by your activity factor:
    1.2 for little no exercise
    1.375 for light exercise 1-3 days a week
    1.55 for moderate exercise 3-5 days a week
    1.725 for very active hard exercise/ 6-7 days per week

    recap: BMR x activity factor = Total daily energy expenditure

    Then you take 15-20% off your TDEE to get your slight calorie reduction. Go 3 days low cal (15-20% below TDEE) and 1 day high cal (TDEE) to trick your body into not thinking its in starvation mode. You will lose 1-1.5 lbs per week. It sounds like your an endormorph like. I would go 30% at the most for accelerated fat loss, but you have to take that high cal day every fourth day. Measure your progress weekly. I use a fat caliper. Also if your an endomorph and you gain fat easily, eat more protein, a little bit more fat, and less carbs. So split it like 40% protein, 25% fat, 35% carb. Start off with this. There are many more ways you can modify, but try this for a week or so and see if you progress. If you progress, great! then its working, if not, we will change it up again so you can taper your calories or restrict carbs in the evening.

  5. I worked it out and came up with BMR of 3435 and -20% would be 2747. That is a lot of cals for me I think. Maybe I was just getting too many of the wrong calories before, but I still thank that is a lot for me. I am going to play with my diet some and add in some more quality protiens and fats to up the cals a bit.

  6. BMR is one of the best ways to calculate your needed cals to maintain, Most people still dont realize that you need to keep kcals coming in to make your body a more efficient "fat burning" machine if you will. Also remeber when dieting your body is going to want to hold on to fat, because of change, so you have to feed it the right type of kcals, like protein and the right carbs.

  7. Here's a good site for BMR calculations, and what is suggested for fat loss...


    your diet looks pretty close. try to work on balance in each meal between low GI carbs (like your oatmeal, sweet potatoes and whole grains), healthy fats, and quality lean meats in each meal. IMO, a balance of 20/35/45 would probably work pretty well for you. i am a endo too, and the 20/40/40 works for me losing fat. throw in a few more healthy fats, like some flax, and you should be off on the fat loss express!

    Good luck!

  8. 20/40/40 relates in which order fat carbs pro?

  9. yeah thats it. it's a little high on carbs for some tastes re: fat loss, but I taper off carbs on the last couple meals of the day.

  10. This is not really a good diet from and Endo, take it from a guy who has been 30% body fat and 6% at contest time. You got to eat super clean, your taking too many shakes you can replace some of these with eggs/whites, tuna and chicken. I never eat bread when cutting, north American bread is death on a diet. Yams are good. Your not eating enough vegetables you should be eating tons of Broccoli , Cauliflower, green beans, snow peas etc.., I never bother with peas, too starchy. I would drop the peanut butter also especially with bread, your taking a high glycemic carb and eating fatty food always a no no. I wouldn’t mix cottage cheese with fruit late in the day either. Now I’m kind of iffy on the pork chops too, my preferred meats are chicken, fish, milk fed veal, lean lean beef (Sirloin). Pork Tenderloin may be ok. I don’t like ham too many nitrates.

    This is clean eating and the only way to really get it done if your and endo. Good Luck


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