what do we know about LEPTIN?

  1. what do we know about LEPTIN?

    I started doing some research about leptin, and its looking pretty good.  Many studies are in the works now, and have not really been completed yet. 

    Basically the jist of it is ..... Leptin a hormone mostly manufactured by fat cells, is present in obese animals (and humans) but as the animal loses fat, levels of the hormone go down. With reduced levels of the leptin,  researchers say, the brain mistakenly thinks the animal needs food and sends signals to the body to slow metabolism down and increase appetite, two conditions that make it harder to fight the battle of the bulge. (http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releas...-lmh092801.php)

    Researchers believe that leptin levels are regulated along with the enzyme, hormone sensitive lipase (HSL). When hormone sensitive lipase is activated fat is broken down in a process called lipolysis. In addition, increased levels of HSL result in decreased levels of leptin, which in turn increases appetite and food intake (http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct/gui/sho...71725?order=13)



    It seems in theory if administered Leptin, while dieting/cutting .....it could/should trick your brain into thinking that no fat/weight has been lost, therefor not having any effect on your metabolism or increasing appetite.  Im no scientist, so Im not sure what it would do with the HSL levels./


    If anyone can elaborate, that would be great!!



  2. You can raise your leptin while dieting by having periodic "refeeds" where you crank up insulin levels for a short period of time (6-12 hr's) by eating a high amount of carbs.

  3. but i doubt that would have any serious affect though..do you?

  4. Sure it would. A raise in leptin would curb hunger and keep your metabolism from stalling. Plus, you'd get the benefit of refilling muscle glycogen.

  5. yeah but thats for 6-12 hours....after that your leptin levels are back to where they started..hence....brain slows metabolism, and increases appetite....

    if leptin levels are ALWAYS up, then your brain has no idea you lost any weight to begin with.

  6. The increase in leptin isn't that transient - leptin will be elevated for more time than the duration of the refeed, several days or so. When they start to drop, you have another refeed.

    But you're right, if they were always up you would not need the refeeds to restore leptin levels. Avant Labs was working on a product (called Leptigen) to do just this, I'm not sure what the current status of it is, though.

  7. yeah i was just over looking at the avant stuff.....

    the refeeding is good, but i was just meaning to keep the levels up at all times, so no refeeding (and possible fat gain) was necessary.....


  8. i dont think keeping leptin levels full all the time is going to be possible unless this avant lab thing goes down. simply b/c you are going to have to consume food to keep leptin levels up making it hard to cut calories and lose fat.

  9. well that would be the whole point off adding it as a "supplement"...so you wouldnt have to use food to get the effect.

    also, you never know if someday you could find it in an injectable form, or TRANSDERMAL!!!!!!!!!


  10. you asked for it...

    leptin is greek for slender and was discovered in 1994 by Jeffrey Friedman who was unraveling a 50 year old mystery involving mice w/mutation on the ob gene. He discovered this gene encodes a protein called leptin.

    Basically leptin works on a part of the brain known as the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalmus. Increased leptin levels would cause typical catabolic humoral, visceromotor, and somatic motor responses (increase THS, ACTH, increased tone in sympathetic ANS, etc.). As we all know, these things all act to increase metabolism. That takes care of the increased metabolism part of your question.

    As far as the anorectic response...
    When leptin goes up aMSH and CART (alpha-melanocyte-stimulating homrone and cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript) also go up. These are the nt's that actually satiate hunger by binding (natural agonist) on the MC4 receptor in the lateral hypothalmus and paraventricular nucleus. It turns out that when MC4 receptors are blocked by another nt called AgRP (agouti-related peptide) you are hungry, but when aMSH is bound you are satiated...

    You could in theory take leptin and see increased weight loss as well as feel less hungry. However, this might cause a problem when you stopped taking it similar to the one seen when you stop taking AAS. Leptin levels plumet since you have no reduced adipose tissue, your metabolism instantly comes to a screeching halt and you are hungry all the time so you over-eat and the weight piles on.

    The ECA stack actually may have its hands in this pathway. Some of the hunger suppression (much like you see w/amphetamine and cocaine use) are likely due to the CART pathway.

    Some of the interest in this is due to mutant ob/ob mice. They are naturally fat and eat too much. When you give them leptin they stop overeating and begin losing weight. I haven't read research as to what happens to already skinny/normal mice when you give them leptin however.

    Short term binges will increase leptin levels (as recommended earlier) at least in normal adiposed individuals. If you already have a decreased level of adipose tissue the response likely wont be as pronounced.

    Leptin hasn't been around long. There is no telling what else is does in the body. I wouldn't be anxious to down some myself. I'll just stick w/the ECA. If you can find someone to sell you some lemme know how it turns out

    Anyone else know anything else?


  11. yeah im not anxious to start taking, i just think its something worth looking into a lot more. Leptin might be something you should taper off of, like old skool juicing, this way you gradually reduce levels, not causing your body to over react and becoming extremely hungry....

    i wish i was a scentist.


  12. Originally posted by hamper19
    yeah im not anxious to start taking, i just think its something worth looking into a lot more. Leptin might be something you should taper off of, like old skool juicing, this way you gradually reduce levels, not causing your body to over react and becoming extremely hungry....

    i wish i was a scentist.


    Unless you are Bill Gates, "taking leptin" is not an option.

  13. hmm...anyone know how to get in touch with mr. gates?


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