Read: My fatburning plan-supps/diet/workout (critique)

  1. Read: My fatburning plan-supps/diet/workout (critique)

    I want to share with you guys my fat loss plan that I had began around the begining of October ‘05. I would like to know your opinions on it and anyways I can improve it. It has been working better then I could have hoped but I am always looking for ways to make it work better. Also if anyone has been trying to cut fat and has been unsuccessful maybe you can take my plan into consideration and hopefully it could work as well for you as it has been for me.
    This thread will be very detailed so bare with me. I hope you will spend the time and read it I would really like your opinions and some questions answered whenever you are able to provide one.

    Ok a little info about myself and workout history
    6’1 23 y/o I am between a mesomorph and ectomorph I would only say ectomorph due to my height and length of extremeties make me look thinner then I really am.

    I have been working out on and off since I was 16. I will get real serious with it for awhile and then something conflicts with my schedule and throws me off my routine

    I can easily gain/lose weight with a change of a diet or workout routine but the problem is its exactly that, just weight. Gaining muscle and losing fat are to different things then gaining/losing weight. Don’t get me wrong I can lose fat but a lot of muscle/strength goes with it. Same for gaining muscle, I get a good amount of fat along with it.

    I have tried to diet and lose fat many times I have tried different ways of achieving it. I have had diets consisting of-1)low carb 2)low fat 3)high protein 4)CKD 5) just watching what I eat and trying to eat “sensible and healthy” 6) low calorie and probably more that I can’t think of right now. I also tried different workout variations combined with the different diets such as 1)high reps 2)supersets 3) large amounts of cardio (empty stomach or vise versa) 4) low reps 5)trying to just keep my regular routine going
    All these different variations ended up with the same result some fat loss and large amount of strength/muscle/energy loss. The only diet I think is worth a damn but is more for someone with a lot of experience and already has a low BF% and should not be used long term is CKD

    Around 24-18 months ago I was at 225 I was the strongest I had ever been, partly due to some M1t cycles and a workout program I read about from this board “DC’s cycles on pennies” or something along those lines. I do not know what my bf% was or currently is I will just go by my 34” waist pants were sorta tight on me and 36” were kind of loose (yea nice way to measure I know) I went on a long hiatus and would work out on and off nothing serious until this October. I was 200lbs, again unknown BF%. Pants basically fit like they did when I was 225 maybe a little more loose.

    So October came and decided to get into a serious fat loss program. It took 3 weeks to get it in check. But I will share with you some of the results, with hopefully even more to come.
    This is the first time I lost significant amount of fat and actually have been increasing dramatically (for myself) in strength. My diet is not much of a “diet” I am not eliminating any food groups and it is not low calorie (you will see it in a few) and I think I am doing the best workout for trying to cut fat and increase in muscle mass and strength
    Ok some numbers
    October/05 october /currently (january)
    BW-200lbs/ BW-178lbs
    Pants waist size-34”/ Pants waist size-30”
    *Some 5 rep maxes
    Max Flat Bench-230lbs/ Max Flat Bench-290lbs
    Weighted Pull-ups-30lbs/ Weighted Pull-ups-30lbs/
    Weighted Dips-50lbs/ *Weighted Dips-125lbs
    Squat-225lb/ Squat-330lb

    *Ok I know part of the reason for the strength increase was I became consistent with my workouts. But some of these lifts are close to my heaviest ever (ex. Heaviest bench press I did was 315 for 2, however I was on a mass building routine and M1t) I have lost 20lbs majority of fat, I can not tell if I have lost much muscle. I doubt if I did however because I look a lot bigger at 180 then I was at 200 (muscle development dept.).

    I am in the process of going to U of M to get my BF% measured by Hydrodensitometry to get an accurate bf% test. Then I will get calipers that day and measure my bf% and compare the diffrence (for ex. If the hydro states I am around 10% and the calipers say I am 14% I know the calipers are around 4% off. When I measure myself again and the calipers say I am 12% I know I am probably somewhere around 9%)
    Workout Routine
    Ok on to the workout routine
    I am currently doing the hypertrophy-specific training weight lifting program
    Reasons I like it for fat loss/ strength/muscle gain
    1) The program has you increasing weight levels ever so slowly sometimes I think its hard for the muscles to even notice
    2) I am not constantly doing the maximum amount of weight which in turn does not lead to overtraining
    3) I do not like the workout splits like Mon-chest tues-back ext. I don’t think it’s a good idea to give one muscle group 6 days of rest and I do not think its necessary to do 14 sets for a given muscle group either
    4) I workout each muscle group 3x/wk with fewer sets a workout, but in turn I am actually doing more sets then someone for a given muscle group if they work one muscle group a day. Along with that I am breaking down the muscle 3x/wk which in turn gives me 3 growth periods. Not to mention I can hit the muscle group with more energy and strength due to the fact that I am not going on like my 11th set of a chest workout

    This is currently what my workout split looks like
    *I do legs on a different day because they are a huge energy drainer and I want to put as much focus into them as I can

    *Btw I work 24 hour shifts as a medic so I work 24 on 48 off. On my work days I obviously do not do any type of exercise whatsoever (some ab work perhaps)

    *My HST goes 1 on 2 off (the weights in bold are my current maxes for the rep scheme listed)

    2 Weeks of 15 Reps (6 workouts)

    Flat Benchx2 145 155 165 175 185 195
    Pull-ups Assisted (asst.) Weighted (wt.)x2 12pl. (asst) 8pl. (asst) 4pl. (asst) bodyweight 5lb(wt) 10lb(wt)
    Incline Bench Press x2 130 140 150 160 170 180
    Hammer Curl (hammer curl bar) x2 60 65 70 75 80 85
    Laterals x2 15 15 15 20 20 20
    Close-Grip Bench Press x1 150 155 160 165 170 175
    T- Bar Row x2 75 80 85 90 95 100
    Seated Barbell Shoulder Press x2 65 75 85 95 105 115
    Preacher Curls (hammer strength machine) x1 60 65 70 75 80 85
    Dips/ weighted (wt) x1 50 55 60 65 70 75
    Triangle Grip Pulldown x1 6 6 7 7 8 9
    Shrugs (Hammer Strength Machine)x 2 100 100 120 140 160 190

    2 weeks of 10 reps (6 workouts)

    Flat Benchx2 200 210 220 230 240 250
    Pull-ups Weighted (wt.)x2 15 20 25 30 35 40
    Incline Bench Press x2 170 180 190 200 210 220
    Hammer Curl (hammer curl bar) x2 80 85 90 95 100 105
    Laterals x2 25 25 25 30 30 30
    Close-Grip Bench Press x1 170 175 180 185 190 195
    T- Bar Row x2 95 100 105 110 115 120
    Seated Barbell Shoulder Press x2 105 115 125 135 145 155
    Preacher Curls (hammer strength machine) x2 75 80 85 90 95 100
    Dips/ weighted (wt) x1 75 80 85 90 95 100
    Triangle Grip Pulldown x1 9 10 10 11 12 13
    Shrugs (Hammer Strength Machine)x 2 160 190 210 230 250 280

    2 weeks of five reps (6 workouts)

    Flat Benchx2 240 250 260 270 280 290
    Pull-ups Weighted (wt.)x2 40 45 50 55 60 65
    Incline Bench Press x2 210 220 230 240 250 260
    Hammer Curl (hammer curl bar) x2 100 105 110 115 120 125
    Laterals x2 35 35 40 40 45 45
    Close-Grip Bench Press x2 190 195 200 205 210 215
    T- Bar Row x2 125 130 135 140 145 150
    Seated Barbell Shoulder Press x2 145 155 165 175 185 195
    Preacher Curls (hammer strength machine) x2 105 110 115 120 125 130
    Dips/ weighted (wt) x2 100 105 110 115 120 125
    Triangle Grip Pulldown x2 12 13 14 15 16 17
    Shrugs (Hammer Strength Machine) x 2 250 280 300 320 340 360

    I do 2 more weeks of 5’s after this, and I vary from trying to increase my 5 rep maxes for all my workouts for 2 weeks or I may do a wk of trying to increase my maxes and a week of negatives or I may thrown in another week of 5’s so I can do 2 weeks of increasing my maxes and 1 week of negatives. I usually just go by how I feel.

    My Leg workout looks like this currently (I do this on the opposite of my HST day)
    Seated Calf Raises-pyramid 15,10,8,6 reps
    Standing Calf raise machine -pyramid 12,10,6 reps
    Deadlifts- pyramid 12,8,6,4
    Squat- pyramid 10,8,4-6
    Weighted hyperextensions 12,10,10

    I will do this on one or both of my days off. Preferably after my leg workout in the A.M. If I do cardio on my HST day I make sure to do it after breakfast in the AM so I can recover for my HST workout at 7pm.
    I heard it is actually better to workout (weight training) at night you have a significant increase over Lean Muscle and body fat loss then those that do it earlier. They think it is do to the fact that your metabolism slows down at night and if you workout you speed it back up. So you are running a higher metabolism more hours of the day. I do not have the article to prove of what I had read. You can take it as you will.

    I also will omit cardio if I feel like I do not need it due to the fact I may have felt weak last workout of what have you. I also did not do any cardio what so ever the first 2 months of my diet plan. I did not want to over do it and become to catabolic
    When I do cardio it looks like this:
    I alternate from 2 different types ( I also prefer the precor machines over treadmills/bikes)

    Cardio 1
    Moderate intensity/resistance
    5 minutes warmup
    30-35 minutes moderate intensity with various inclines I go from low to extremely high
    5 minutes cool down

    Cardio 2
    Interval training (precor machine again)
    5 minutes warm up
    1 minute of extremely high resistance and # strides/min I usually shoot for 13 in the resistance and 220strides/min (like a sprint)
    2 minutes moderate intensity
    I do 6 cycles of this
    Then a 5 minute cool down

    I am very cautious with my cardio and I make sure I do not over do it. If I feel run down I will cut it out of the workout for the day.


    Ok here is my diet plan that I have been on for around 2-2 ½ months and is working well. I hate to even call it a “diet” I am not neglecting any food group. So it is a diet if a diet is simply meaning someones eating habits. I will admit I have based it off a book I read and by the name of it, it sounds like it would be a fad diet. I assumed it was when I first heard about it, but I looked into it and I assure you it is not. When you look at my diet plan you will see I eat good whole foods that have a good amount of protein/ low impact carbs (whole grains)/ healthy fats/ and I try to stay as low on the sodium as possible. Ok check it….behold the “abs diet” like I said not a fad diet. I wouldn’t do that dumb ****. I almost forgot I am gonna inclue the supplements along with the timing and dosage each I currently am taking. The supplements listed in with * have recently been added as of 1/21/06

    Anarchy Stack * note I have been taking CLA in a low dose since 10/05 (3g/day)
    CLA 1g (12-15g/day)
    *Alpha-Lipoic Acid 300mg (2700mg/day)
    *Green Tea Extract/400mg (50% polyphenols) (800mg/day)
    *ALCAR/500mg (3.5 gr/day, 5gr/day on HST days)
    *Biotin/1mg (6mg/day)
    *Vinpocetine/5mg (15mg/ day)
    *CoQ-10/30mg (90mg/day)

    Alri Venom (12/20/05) (4 pills/day- may cut down to 2-3/day) I was previously on Lipodrene (10/01/05-12/19) that worked awesome that was until I tried venom. Imo best fat burner of all time I have tried many but this gives me so much energy I lost my respect for ephedrine. Damn its good.
    *Lean Xtreme

    Xtend (10 scoops/day-workout day, 6 scoops/day- non workout days)
    Amino Acid Tablets (24-30 tabs/day)
    Glutamine Powder/5g per scoop (40 gr/ day-workout day, 25-30 gr/day- non workout days)
    Cytosport whey protein /*Allthewhey Protein (4 scoops/ day) * recently switched from cytosport whey over to all the whey protein
    *Probolic-SR (nighttime protein) (2 scoops @bed)
    *Tribulus/750mg (+45% steroidal saponins) (750 mg/ on HST days only= 3 times/wk)
    L-Arginine/500mg (6 gr/day)

    Vitalert multi-vitamin Vitalert nutrient profile (6 pills/day reg. Serv. Size is 4.…spread throughout the day)
    Vit-C/1g Vit-E/400 IU Calcium with Vit-D/600mg, 200 IU Vit-B complex (B-1, B-2, Niacin, B-6, Pantothenic acid/150mg each) (Folic Acid/400mcg, B-12/150mcg), (Biotin/150mcg)
    B-12/ 1mg
    Fish oil/1200mg (epa 216mg, DHA 144mg) (6 gr/day)

    Kava Kava/250mg (500mg/day- day when needed, never on the days I have to work)
    Valerian Root/500mg (500mg/day- day when needed, never on the days I have to work)
    Phenibut/500mg (500mg/day- day when needed, never on the days I have to work)
    Passion Flower/350mg (500mg/day- day when needed, never on the days I have to work)
    Melatonin/3mg (500mg/day- day when needed, never on the days I have to work)

    HST Days avg. 3x wk (other 2 days meal timing differs slightly)
    Immediately upon waking
    L-Arginine/3gr ALCAR/1gr CLA/1g Amino Acids/4 tabs Lean Xtreme(1cap)
    Xtend/2 scoops Glutamine Powder/10g

    Approx. 30 min Later…
    Meal 1
    1 large whole organic egg
    9 tbs “All Whites” approx 3 egg whites
    2 Slices of organic whole grain bread (flourless, organic sprouted grains)
    2 Slices of Boars Head Canadian Bacon (sliced at deli market)
    1 tbs. Organic Flax Seed Oil
    1 Jalapeno (diced)
    Green Pepper (diced)
    Nut. Facts Calories=590 Fat=19 (sat=2 trans=o) Carbs=44 Protein= 46g NA+= 615 Chol= 240mg Fiber=4

    Throw all this together in skillet and scramble and place on 2 slices of toasted bread
    6oz of Organic Orange Juice

    Supplements w/ meal 1- CLA/ 3gr ALA/ 600mg Biotin/ 2mg Coq-10/ 30mg Vinpocetine/ 5mg
    Green Tea Ext. 400mg Vitalert Muli Vit VitC-1g Vit E-400IU Vit-B Complex and Vit-B12/ 1000mcg Calcium/600mg Vit-D/200 IU Alri Venom/ 2 Caps *Fish oil/ 3 mg Wellbutrin xl/ 150mg
    * should I avoid fish oil caps while on the anarchy stack w/ large amounts of CLA?

    Meal 2
    Protein Smoothie
    6 ounces fat free skim milk
    ½ cup whole grain unsweetened unflavored Quaker Oats (cook in micowave per direction on box)
    1 ½ Tbs Organic reduced fat Vanilla Yogurt
    1 tsp All-natural Peanut Butter (no added sugar,sodium,hydrogenated oil)
    2 scoops of cytosport chocolate or all the whey chocolate protein powder
    4 ice cubes
    Toss in blender and blend well
    Nut. Facts Calories=480 Fat=7g (sat=2 trans=o) Carbs=39g Protein= 59g NA+= 161 Chol= 18mg Fiber=4.5g

    Then I will sometimes finish it off with a …
    green salad w/ other veggies/ 1 ½ cup
    And approx. 1 tbs olive oil w/ vinegar

    Supplements w/ meal 2- Amino Acids/ 4 tabs ALA-300mg ALCAR/ 500mg Green Tea ext./ 400mg Sesamine/ 1 cap

    Meal 3
    1 ½ oz of unsalted/very lightly salted Almonds (approx 35 pieces)
    Strawberries/ 1 cup
    1 Bannanna
    Nut. Facts Calories=420 Fat=21g(sat=1.5 trans=o) Carbs=55g Protein= 13.5g NA+=0 Chol= 0 Fiber=12g

    Supps for meal 3- Amino Acids/ 4 tabs CLA/ 3gr ALA-300mg ALCAR/ 500mg Biotin/2 mg Alri Venom/ 2 Caps Vinpocetine/ 5mg Coq-10/ 30mg Vitalert multi-vit.

    Meal 4
    3 Ounces of Boars Head Roast Beef (freshly sliced at deli market)
    1 oz Boards Head reduced fat/sodium swiss cheese
    2 Slices of organic whole grain bread (flourless, organic sprouted grains)
    1 container organic lowfat plain yogurt
    Toast up the bread and I usually buy 1lb of the boars head r/b and boil it for a minute in some au jus and put it in a ziplock freezer bag and throw it in the fridge so it marinates and when its time to eat heat it up real quick throw on some cheese and your golden 5 minutes tops
    Nut. Facts Calories=480 Fat=11g (sat=5.5g trans=o) Carbs=41g Protein= 42g NA+= 610 Chol= 65mg Fiber=6g

    Supps for meal 4- Amino Acids/ 4 tabs CLA/ 3 gr. ALCAR/ 1g Vin/ 5mg Sesamine/ 1 cap ALA/ 600 mg

    I usually work out shortly after this. I work out HST at 7pm the majority of the time so I most likely had this meal sometime around 6pm

    Along the way here are a few more supps I took
    2 Hour preworkout ALCAR/ 1.5/gr I only take this on HST days which is 3x/wk

    1 Hour pre workout Ultimate Nutrition’s Tribulus/750mg (+45% steroidal saponins) I only take this on HST days which is 3x/wk

    15 minutes prior to workout- 2 scoops xtend mixed with 10g of glutamine along with 4 amino acids
    During workout- 2 scoops xtend mixed with 10g og glutamine
    Immediately post workout- 2scoops xtend/10 g glutamine

    Within 45 minutes post workout is my next “meal”

    Meal 5
    I have another protein smoothie (same as meal 2)
    Nut. Facts Calories=480 Fat=7g (sat=2 trans=o) Carbs=39g Protein= 59g NA+= 161 Chol= 18mg Fiber=4.5g
    Supps for meal 5- CLA/ 3 gr ALA/ 300 gr Biotin/ 2mg ALCAR/ 500mg Amino Acids/ 4 tabs
    Vitalert Muli-vit.

    CoQ-10/ 30mg

    Meal 6
    I usually make this once and its enough to last me close to 7 days
    1lb organic 97% lean ground round
    6 fl ounces of kidney beans ( I drain and rinse them and place in a measuring cup and smash them/healthy refried beans)
    5 cloves of fresh garlic (minced)
    12 Habanero Peppers (diced)
    3 Jalapeno Peppers
    3 tbs of chili powder
    1 tbs cayenne pepper
    1 whole wheat tortilla
    2 tbs reduced fat shredded cheese
    15 baby carrots
    I mince up garlic throw it in skillet (with tbs olive oil) and beef cook till brown. Then I mix in the peppers and the chili/cayenne powder and smashed beans cook until hot. Throw about 3 ounces of it on wheat tortilla with a little cheese and you can finish it off with some baby carrots
    Nut. Facts Calories=300 Fat=5.5g (sat=1 trans=o) Carbs=33g Protein= 30g NA+= 295mg Chol= 60mg Fiber=5.5g

    Meal 6 supps- Sesamine/ 1 cap Vit-C/ 1gr Calcium/ 600mg Vit-D/ 200 IU CLA/ 1gr ALA/ 600 mg Amino Acids/ 4 Tabs Fishoil/ 3gr

    1 hr prior to bed- valerian root/ 1g phenibut/ 500mg Passion Flower/ 700mg kava kava/ 500mg
    Seroquel/ 100mg

    30min prior to bed- melatonin/ 3mg L-Arginine/ 3gr 2 scoops xtend with 10grams glutamine powder

    Meal 7
    Immediately prior to bedtime- 2 scoops of parabolic-sr (slow digesting protein) Amino Acids/ 4 tabs Lean Xtreme/ 1 cap

    Nut. Facts Calories=280 Fat=8g (sat=3 trans=?) Carbs=10g Protein= 40g NA+= 620mg Chol= 10mg Fiber=4g

    I have had trouble sleeping for awhile now it was way before I had started taking stimulants. My work schedule effect my carcadian* rhythms. Whne I work 24’s I could be up all night and have to try to sleep during the day or vice versa so I can never get on a good schedule. Thanks to a member at the avantlabs board and the member who recommended I go over there from anabolic minds I can now sleep. This blend will put me to sleep in last that 30 min man it works well.
    I do not take any sleep aids on my work shift or I would kill someone. I do not think I could function I would be way to tired

    Overall diet count
    Calories=3,030 Fat=78g (sat=19 trans=0) Carbs=261g Protein= 289g NA+= 2462mg Chol= 411mg Fiber=36g

    Some questions final thoughts
    If you made it this far thanks for the time I appreciate it and post any ways to improve my diet or any disagreements/questions/comments whatever.

    I heard while on the anarchy stack I should cut out fish oil/flax seed oil? Is this true and if it is do you think it would be a good idea to add some olive oil in my diet or would that be unacceptable also?
    I would like a way to improve my leg workout. I just kind of threw something together. Anyone have something that worked well for them? I want to focus on strength for the most part. I also want to incorporate deadlifts in it still. It helps when I have to pick up heavy patients on the stretcher for work (the other day we had a 500lber)
    Hows the supplement/schedule and timing of them look
    Guys I need some damn forearm development for gods sake. I mean that’s one part of my body that has never really showed much improvement. The anterior part mainly. Any ideas???
    I have been trying to thicken up my neck and the only thing I can think of using is that neck harness where you attach weights to it. I have been using it lately and yea it works it out and all but it only focuses on the posterior part of the neck. I want a little width to it also and work on the sternocleidomastoid muscle to (the muscle that runs on both sides of the neck in front) Or will that harness over time just put on overall development anyways?

    If I think of anything else I will post it

    So let me know whats up!

  2. I decided to come off the venom now. That stuff has caught up with me it's so damn strong. I lost quite a deal of fat so I think the anarchy stack will be plenty good.

  3. venom at 2-4 pills a day?.....well i guess so. im shocked your not cracked out.

  4. Can anybody give me an update on venom?

    never heard of it.

  5. Just wondering how much you spend in supplements a month?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by DemonicPrime
    Just wondering how much you spend in supplements a month?
    It is not to much until I began the anarchy stack. The supps I will consistently take is whey protein glutamine and amino acids. the anarchy stack sets me back quite a bit but I will only stay on it for a few months and measure the cost/benefit of it. But the majority of the stuff i take is pretty cheap like the vitamins/minerals I can get a pretty big quantity of them for cheap. The sleep aids also were not to expensive and I do not take them every night so they should last me around 4 months.

    As for the venom the recommended dose was 2-4 pills/day so i did not think I was being irresponsible taking it at that dose, I think that was the first supplement I have taken where the claims were not bull****, they are not kidding around.

    I would recommend it to anyone who is not sensative to stimulants and wants to burn fat to give it a try, but i would start off at 1-2 pills a day. Work your way up to four if you think you can handle it, but I would not stay on that dose for a long period of time, and this is coming from someone who has a high tolerance for stimulants such as ephedra/caffeine.


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