Fat loss supplements

  1. Fat loss supplements

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Looking for a good safe supplement for my wife. No I do not think she needs to lose weight but you know how women are. We currently do not have a computer at home and she asked me to do a little research for her. She is 29 5"4' 129lbs she does diet and workout regularly but wants a little boost. Would like to lose about 10lbs. This is not my specialty area b/c I have always been doing the opposite. Yes I tried the more sex suggestion but she did not go for it.

  2. ECY stack works well.

  3. Thanks will check it out. Have you had any luck with it?

  4. My girlfriend is taking the AMP+HEAT stack and that is working really good for her. 5lbs in 2 weeks.

  5. With amp she should have great workouts. Only bad thing about it, is that you an't take it everyday, if you do, the effects start to diminish. I'd look up lipo6. That should be pretty good for her.

  6. hell yeah on the sex diet. Burn alot more calories, and hey, its fun. Come on now, would she rather do a mind numbing 45 minutes to an hour on the treadmill, or the same time getting the wind knocked out of her in the sack???

    Doesnt seem like a very difficult decision to me.

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  7. So far everything that I have read has these two rated #1 & #2 as far as legal weight loss supps with ecy being #1 and lipo 6 2nd. Am going to go over it with her tonight and will keep you guys posted on results..thanks for the help. Man all this weight loss research has got my motor turning. I might have to try one of these when I get done with my PP/SD cycle and see how cut up I can get for a change.


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