Stevia-Possibly the best non-caloric sweetner ever. Perfect for Keto-Heads!

  1. Stevia-Possibly the best non-caloric sweetner ever.

    Non-Caloric, incredibly sweet, non-toxic, natural, very safe, and used for generations in many places of the world. EAS is using it their protein mixes now and I love it. Just wanted to pass the word. If your a keto guy, or just want to reduce your carbs, this is the safest option to sugar IMO. has some very good prices on several stevia products, including pre-packaged sweetner packs like sucralose or equal come in.


  2. Not to mention its health benefits on hypertension-WW7

    A double-blind placebo-controlled study of the effectiveness and tolerability of oral stevioside in human hypertension.

    Chan P, Tomlinson B, Chen YJ, Liu JC, Hsieh MH, Cheng JT.

    Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Taipei Medical College and affiliated Taipei Wan Fang Hospital, Taiwan.

    AIMS: Stevioside is a natural plant glycoside isolated from the plant Stevia rebaudiana which has been commercialized as a sweetener in Japan for more than 20 years. Previous animal studies have shown that stevioside has an antihypertensive effect. This study was to designed to evaluate the effect of stevioside in human hypertension. METHODS: A multicentre, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was undertaken. This study group consisted of 106 Chinese hypertensive subjects with diastolic blood pressure between 95 and 110 mmHg and ages ranging from 28 to 75 years with 60 subjects (men 34, women 26; mean +/- s.d., 54.1+/-3.8 years) allocated to active treatment and 46 (men 19, women 27; mean +/- s.d., 53.7+/-4.1 years) to placebo treatment. Each subject was given capsules containing stevioside (250 mg) or placebo thrice daily and followed-up at monthly intervals for 1 year. RESULTS: After 3 months, the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of the stevioside group decreased significantly (systolic: 166.0+/-9.4-152.6+/-6.8 mmHg; diastolic: 104.7 +/- 5.2-90.3+/-3.6 mmHg, P<0.05), and the effect persisted during the whole year. Blood biochemistry parameters including lipid and glucose showed no significant changes. No significant adverse effect was observed and quality of life assessment showed no deterioration. CONCLUSIONS: This study shows that oral stevioside is a well tolerated and effective modality that may be considered as an alternative or supplementary therapy for patients with hypertension.

    Publication Types:

    • Clinical Trial
    • Multicenter Study
    • Randomized Controlled Trial

    PMID: 10971305 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  3. What do you guys make of this? Any thoughts?

    Effect of Stevia rebaudiana on glucose tolerance in normal adult humans.

    Curi R, Alvarez M, Bazotte RB, Botion LM, Godoy JL, Bracht A.

    Departamento de Farmacia-Bioquimica, Universidade de Maringa, Brasil.

    The effect of aqueous extracts of Stevia rebaudiana leaves on a glucose tolerance test was investigated in 16 normal volunteers. Aqueous extracts of 5 grams of leaves were administered to volunteers at regular 6-h intervals for 3 days. Glucose tolerance tests were performed before and after extract administration. A second group of 6 normal volunteers who ingested an aqueous arabinose solution was also studied to eliminate possible stress effects. The extract of Stevia rebaudiana increased glucose tolerance. The extract significantly decreased plasma glucose levels during the test and after overnight fasting in all volunteers.

    PMID: 3651629 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  4. Anyone else used this or had it in their protein as a sweetner?

  5. no, but I'll be looking into it... heard similar things about it but never paid that much attention to sweetners, really... thanks for the info

  6. Stevia is definately the best 'healthy' choice of sweeteners.
    Unfortunately it does take alot of patience and experimentation to get the taste right. It is very sweet and can easily give a bitter taste from using too much.

    The white powder extract is suppossed to be the best choice. Less bitter but very sweet. A pinch is equal to a 1/4 cup of sugar!.

    I have read that the best way to experiment with it is to make it into a liquid and use a little bottle with a dropper top to measure it. Just dissolve 1 tsp of the powder into 3 TBS of water.

    Oh I also have read of a good recipe that is suppossed to give it similar likeness to sugar by mixing 25g of white stevia powder with 250g of chicolin which is also natural like stevia.
    Just make sure the chicolin you get is natural chicolin.

  7. I beleive stevia is what they use in Optimums 'natural' 100% whey. I really liked it as opposed to the sweetner used in their regular 100% whey------it had a bitter taste/after taste. Optimum even sells boxes of stevia sweetner packets much like sweet-n-low or equal.....My local supp store carries it.


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