Fitday PC - Anyone tried?

  1. Fitday PC - Anyone tried?

    I've learnt about on this very forum. It's a good diet website, but not always as practical as it could be, although being able to access your diet database from anywhere might be useful to some.

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried the actual software which you can get for about 20$. Is it worth the green? There's a few screenshots on the website but very little description of functionality and that's what interests me. Opinions welcome.

  2. I bought it and still use it. It doesn't do meal planning or anything like that. It does let you track a lot of things. It's not to bad for $20. I got mine a like 2 years ago so they might have changed a lot on it though.

  3. No point IMO unless your diet varies from day to day.

    Once you have a diet you can stick to and know the calories in each component of it there is no need to change.

    For me personally i find it very easy to work out my daily intake as i know the calorific breakdown of each meal i take in. Only takes 2 minutes at night too.

    But that's just me, if you feel it will help you through a plateau and progress then it may be worth the investment.

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