Tuna Mercury Contamination Alert!!

  1. Tuna Mercury Contamination Alert!!


    This sucks bad for me, I eat a can of albacore tuna a day to help meet my protien requirement. Damn. Looks like Im going to have to eat more chicken...


  2. Well, Im not a young child, or child bearing for that matter. We always knew tuna had a ton of mercury in it. Its not going to stop me from enjoying my tuna.



  3. mercury...yum...that's one way to gain weight...

  4. Originally posted by zeromagnus
    mercury...yum...that's one way to gain weight...

  5. just switch to canned salmon

  6. So this isnt a big deal? The article said that it wasnt an issue with the Chunk Light tuna, but albacore has more protien and dosent taste like ass...

    Still - Im sure too much mercury in your system cant be a good thing. Its fairly poisonous, after all.


  7. It does specifically mention women of child bearing age and children under 6. Most of us are conspicuously absent from both those groups.
    Of course, I eat chunk light anyway 'cause I'm cheap.

  8. I've posted this at BB.com awhile ago regarding canned tuna and mercury levels. My understanding is that canned tuna does not have as high of levels as tuna steak and so forth. I would not worry about canned, especially chunk lite:


    Please note in article:

    " Health Canada has established a guideline level of 0.5 parts per million (ppm) for mercury in most commercial fish. This guideline is enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). It was first set in the 1970's and, based on a recent re-evaluation, is still considered appropriate to ensure that the health of Canadians is protected from the toxic effects of methyl mercury. "

    and then

    "It is important to note that such advice does not apply to canned tuna. Mercury levels in canned tuna are typically well below the 0.5 ppm guideline. "

    This is Canadian recommendation, but I'm not sure that is a problem (right, Canucks?)

  9. Hmmm--maybe I should just switch to chunk light then. Its cheaper than the albacore anyway.


  10. From what I can see, if you're going through several cans a day you might be in trouble after a while. I usually eat only 1 can a day. Ill move that to chunk light tuna...

    I cant believe the Earth is turning into such a ****hole that we have to worry about getting crazy sick just getting our protien in...


  11. Originally posted by jweave23

    This is Canadian recommendation, but I'm not sure that is a problem (right, Canucks?)
    Right Chopity chop chop!!!!



  12. Actually Hg is not the only thing you have to worry about.. I am reading a book called "Our Stolen Future" that details the effect that some chemicals have on the endocrine system.. stuff that mimics estrogen and test in the body.. scarey stuff but a good book.. actually got me thinking of an article I might do for this month

  13. Oh yeah? Sounds interesting - Im going over to amazon now...

  14. Well believe or not Big V
    one of the guys at the gym lent me his copy of this after we got into a long discussion on the endocrine system and how hormones regulate more than some people realize..

  15. Im definately going to check that out...thanks for the heads up MatthewD. Amazon has that book used for like $5, I think Im going to pick up a copy. I cant beleive that the powers that be take something like this so trivial - after one or two generations the effects on our species may not be all that noticeable, but if you apply this theory to a larger timeline...
    But that's how it goes. Human beings and instant gratification


  16. For those who did not use the link to CEM, Cilantro and ALA might help with the issue.

  17. Does cilantro help remove Hg from the system Dio?


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