During low intensity cardio, it takes 20 min to start burning fat... BS right?

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    During low intensity cardio, it takes 20 min to start burning fat... BS right?

    I read somewhere the other day that it takes at least 20 minutes for the body to begin using fat for energy when performing low intensity cardio.

    This is bull**** right? Especially if it is being performed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or immediately post weight training. I mean if that were true, doing 30 minutes of cardio would be almost pointless.

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    Actually that is exactly the rule I use. When I do low intensity cardio I usually try to go up to 45-60 minutes. HIIT training is where its at if you want to burn fat. Try it: jog for 1 min, then go all out-balls to the wall for 30 seconds, then jog for 1 min, then balls to the wall...etc. For cutting I will do a 45 min treadmill session on a 5-7 degree incline, then do 15 minutes of HIIT. It Works!
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    You use fats at all times, the ratios are just differet.

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    would it help to burn more fat if you do low intensity for the first 20 min then bump your heart rate up after that?

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