Best home aerobics machines

  1. Best home aerobics machines

    Firstly, I apoligize for the double-threading, I mistakenly also put this in the "contest prep" forum, but it should be here as not nearly as many bros are into contest prep as there are into simple fat loss.

    This thread is about discussing what's the best for home weight-loss equipment. If you're like me, you like pictures and prices, so that we agree what we mean, and can assess what the others are talking about.

    On my quest to a leaner shape... Well, not right now, but my EVENTUAL quest for a leaner shape, I find that having a piece of cardio equipment at home is a must when I'm serious about getting my BF% way down. And keeping it there, too. It's the only way to hit the aerobics on a whim.

    Anyways, the first one I've had was a rower, which did a splendid job of shedding bodyfat, but it was a cheap, clunky and noisy thing with the air pressure resistance. Then I had an air recumbent stationary bike, which was OK but was too noisy and kinda boring to use. The wife took that along with everything else when we divorced.

    When looking for something you can use every day for a half-hour and more, it needs to be silent, high-quality and possibly also stylish enough that you can have it in a room that isn't dedicated to being a home gym all by itself. Nothing wrong with that, but those of us who live in the city don't all have that kind of space.

    I like the rower best, because it lets me spread the load over my entire body. This is the thing I found which seems to fit the bill the best. It's about $2000, not cheap by any measure, but then again, a lifetime of leanness is worth much more than that. This thing uses a sealed water compartment for resistance, and is alleged to be very silent and natural-feeling when rowing. It sure looks nice.

    Anyone tried this? What do you guys reccomend the most? I must believe that anyone doing contests must at least have some cardio implement at home? Hopefully you guys will have plenty of ideas and pics.


    I found it here:
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  2. When I was deployed in the Navy I used a rower alot they are nice, if you had good results in the past then you might want to consider that. I love my kettlebell for active recovery and higher intensity cardio/weight combo stuff. High rep snatches and swings are a killer. Two totally different products but my 2cents. An adjustable KB costs around 200 bucks with shipping and lasts forever but I imagine you might find a rower cheaper than the one you linked to. Good luck.

  3. As I was considering buying a rowing machine as well, I spent a lot of time researching it and whatnot. Every single review/serious rower I have come across has recommended the water rower you are considering. The price tag is hefty, but rowing is intense, and it burns a hell of a lot of calories.

    If you are serious about using it, I would say go for it. Not much will get you in shape faster and/or better.

  4. You guys talking about the wooden kind of the metal looking ones? Don't have the time to read all the details now.

  5. I just bought the Life Fitness X35 cross trainer.

    30mins pre-breakfast workout with pulse at 65%.

    This thing is nearly silent. I turned off the key beeps and you would never know that someone was using it.

    Highly recommended....



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