Anyone have a recipe for protein bars not used for bulking?

  1. Anyone have a recipe for protein bars not used for bulking?

    I see lots with oils and peanut butter etc. which is great for bulking I'm sure, but I'm cutting and was wondering if anyone has any protein, semi-low carb, and semi-low fat bars? Something like 15-30 g protein, 10 g carbs, and 10-15 g fat?

    Haha I know this would be pretty hard, but maybe you guys know something I don't about home-made protein bars.

  2. im interested too, but nothing is coming to mind though...hmmm

  3. the thing is, the peanut butter and/or honey is what makes the batch knead together. However, you could always toss out the honey for a sweetner (equal, splenda) and loser the amount of peanut/almod/cashew butter. Just add more water to clump up the batch. The oats, you can decrease or take out as well. I make this version for anytime i need towards the end of the day. Sage

  4. Well, if you have a food processor you can just figure out how much peanut butter you want for fat/carb content and blend with a carb/fat free protein powder...slather out the mix, cut it up and chill. It will take more than a little work to scape the mess down by the blade, and you'll need to add water for processing. I tried it and decided it was much, much easier to make a shake. If you really want bars I'd just buy them.

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