Workout Drink ?

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    Workout Drink ?

    Do you drink a shake during your workout?
    If so, I`m interested to know what you use.
    I currently use 1/2 scoop VP2 + 25g dextrose + 5g Glutamine, plus 1 Opt + 1/2 VP2 + 25g dextrose for post.
    But I`m thinking of dropping the workout shake for a shake with BCCA during my workout.

  2. i used (5g bcaa in a high GI carb drink and 5g glutamine) however, i dropped that because of two main reasons. ONE: money TWO: my preworkout meal was sufficient enough in engery providing carbs and a good deal of amino acid filled protein. Sage

  3. Nelson
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    I`m thinking along the same lines - drop it for the cost and rely on good pre/post nutrition.

  4. I would also have to agree on just the pre/post due to cost here is a cool articel showing why BCAA arent really effective during workout though.

    The American Journal of Physiology, August 2001 v281 i2 pE365
    BCAA intake affects protein metabolism in muscle after but not during exercise

    Author's Abstract: COPYRIGHT 2001 American Physiological Society

    Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) or a placebo was given to seven subjects
    during 1 h of ergometer cycle exercise and a 2-h recovery period. Intake of
    BCAA did not influence the rate of exchange of the aromatic amino acids,
    tyrosine and phenylalanine, in the legs during exercise or the increase in
    their concentration in muscle. The increase was ~30% in both conditions. On
    the other hand, in the recovery period after exercise, a faster decrease in
    the muscle concentration of aromatic amino acids was found in the BCAA
    experiment (46% compared with 25% in the placebo condition). There was also a
    tendency to a smaller release (an average of 32%) of these amino acids from
    the legs during the 2-h recovery. The results suggest that BCAA have a protein-
    sparing effect during the recovery after exercise, either that protein
    synthesis has been stimulated and/or protein degradation has decreased, but
    the data during exercise are too variable to make any conclusions about the
    effects during exercise. The effect in the recovery period does not seem to be
    mediated by insulin.

  5. I just have a meal 1hr and a half before training. I have about 40-50gms of complex carbs e.g rice or oatmeal and about 30gms pro e.g 100g chicken or turkey etc... then 30 mins before i train i have a scoop of the night time formula with some bcaa and glut and about 3g of natural ginger root.. I put it alltogether in the blender..



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