To cheese or not to cheese?

  1. To cheese or not to cheese?

    Sometimes I use 1 oz part-skim mozerella on chicken breast (with crushed red pepper, parmessan cheese, and turkey pepperoni-to fool myself into thinking I'm eating pizza :P). It's 5 g of fat (3 or which are saturated), 0 carbs, and 9 gs of protein. Is the saturated fat to total fat ratio too high or is it low enough overall to be considered okay?

  2. If you are ketoing it then it would be good... if not I would go with the low fat version of those they taste almost the same..

  3. lowfat or fat free, if you don't mind the taste... I think it's actually quite good. not quite as rich obviously, but I think that's a good thing.

  4. you just made me very hungry, sounds good....I need to do something new with my chicken.

  5. I am a big fan of the low fat, no fat cheeses just wish our grocery store around here carried a bigger selection of it...

  6. The only fat free I've seen is swiss and cheddar :\, if I could find fat free mozerella I'd be happy to try it.

    They do have this stuff though in the soy section called rice patties. They have 0 saturated fat, 2 g carbs, and 6 g of protein per oz. The only problem is they are about twice the price of real cheese. I've tried them though and they aren't bad, they also comes in lots of flavors.

  7. I have to admit I'm guilty of using regular, fatty cheese. I melt a piece of white american or provologne on top of chicken breasts and eat with mustard...damn I'm getting hungry

  8. part skim is pretty much low fat version isnt it?


    and they have fat free american, which i use.  IT does not melt well at all, it turns almost to liquid for some reason if melted.


    why not use 1% milkfat cottage cheese?   just don't melt it...tell your self its riccota cheese..and that its a "white pizza slice"



  9. I think it all depends on your goals. Like a lot of boys mentioned, the FF and lowfat stuff is pretty good and just look around you'll find the healthier mozzarella. But if your bulking, a little fat of that kind once a day or so won't be that bad.

  10. Anyone tried the reduced fat version of Velveeta's shells and cheese? Damn good for you mac and cheese lovers out there.


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