60/25/15% Diet for cutting?

  1. 60/25/15% Diet for cutting?

    Hey guys I'm working into my cutting diet.  Basically what I have been eating for the last week is a 60%Pro, 25%Carbs, 15%Fat diet for 2450 calories split into 6 meals.  I basically just cut 15-25% of my carbs out my bulking diet, and my fat content was never any higher. I know most people follow a 40/30/30 or 40/40/20, but I would really like to keep the carbs down if possible.  Will this impact muscle gain and or loss?  Basically I'm assuming any extra fuel my body is going to require will be pulled from the Protein.  Is this correct?


  2. IMO, this diet will sacrifice a lot of muscle. Makes fat burning very inefficient. If you wanna keep the carbs down, do some type of ketogenic diet, either a CKD or TKD.

  3. THis diet would work only few things needs to be modified

    1. increase your caloires to 12 -13 times body weight for a start
    2. switch carb and fat ratio and increase EFAS (50% of total fat)
    2 on every 3 -4 day you may want to carb up by 200-250 grams over your normal intake. can do this by spreading it over the course of the day or one big carb meal consiting of 1.5 cups oatmeal 10 oz yam 1 banna 1 cup veggies 1 TBSP flax seed oil for your last meal before bed time. This wil increase leptin levels and also increae metabolism by keeping thyroid from shutting down.

    I used this method with great success for maintaining about 90%-95 of lean body mass while dieting

    you may want to add in BCASS before during after weight training as well as cardio

    Good luck

  4. Thanks for advice guys.

    1. I already have my calories set to 500 under maintenance which comes out at 2447
    2. Switching the carb & fat ratio would go against all of the foods I have grown acustom to.
    3. What I have decided to do is try to adjust my diet to meet the 40/40/20 diet. The problem with that is I will not be able to bring in 1.5gs of protein per lb as that comes out to 50% of my daily caloric allowance.

  5. Somes its time for change BRO ..

  6. Originally posted by hardasnails1973
    Somes its time for change BRO ..
    Do you have your diet in a document that you could send me so I could play around with it to see what I would need to take in, and see if it's something for me?

  7. mine is right above yours lean gainers diet

  8. N'Pursuit I have used a similar split on contest dieting and it works very well, just a couple points to make. Don't drop you cals too low, half of the carbs you eat should come from fibrous vegtables the other half from things like oatmeal rice and yams.

    The results - minimal muscle loss do to high protein intake.

    Maximum fat loss right up till contest because of low glycemic carbs and the diet doesn't slow down the metabolism as your cals never really get all that low. Once I was past the first couple weeks the fat loss pace remained constant right up till the end. I lost bascially the same amount of fat on my 12th week as I did on my 3rd, with very little alteration in the diet. I know other competitors who use this diet with great success.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  9. Dreamweaver that is some good news! I was hoping it would result in maximum fat loss. With that ratio, and any other for that matter I would definitely not drop my cals more then 500 below maint. I have decided to go back to the standard 40/40/20 diet, but if I don't see the results I want I will go back to my original 60/25/15 plan now that I know it has worked for others.

  10. It's a pretty standard split actually.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug


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