Bulking diet critique (YellowJacket??)

  1. Bulking diet critique (YellowJacket??)

    Hey man, I wanted your (or anyone) opinion on this one. I've been using your formula for gaining weight, and I have gained 12 lbs. so far (some water from creatine ). I know you don't really like high protein diets, but what do you think for what I've come up with.

    Height: 5'9, 21 years old, weight: 185

    Meal 1 Protein Carbs Fats
    4 egg whites 16 0 0
    2 whole eggs 14 2 10
    1 cup. Oatmeal 8 52 2
    8oz. Orange Juice 2 26 0
    8oz. 2% milk 8 13 5
    1 tablespoon Flax Oil 0 0 14

    Meal 2
    1 can tuna 32 0 0
    4sl. Whole wheat br. 12 44 4
    8oz. 2% milk 8 13 5

    Meal 3
    1 Chicken Breast 52 0 0
    1 cup brown rice 0 42 0
    1 cup steamed broc. 2 4 0
    8oz. Orange Juice 2 26 0
    8oz. 2% milk 8 13 5

    Meal 4
    Protein Shake/water 44 2 2
    1 apple 0 21 0
    8oz. Orange Juice 2 26 0

    Meal 5
    Protein Shake/water 44 2 2
    PB&J Sandwich(all natural) 9 35 8
    Creatine+Dextrose 0 35 0


    Meal 6
    Protein Shake/water 44 2 2
    8oz. Yogurt 10 40 2.5
    Creatine+Dextrose 0 35 0

    Meal 7
    4 egg whites 16 0 0
    2 whole eggs 14 2 10
    1 tablespoon Flax oil 0 0 14

    Total= 3902 cals. 349g protein, 433g carbs, 86g fat, and 35/45/20 split.

    I have gone from 173 to 185 so far, and would like to reach 205 'ish by March. Is there anything else you can recommend? When I started bulking, I was taking in about 3200 cals, but I have to keep increasing them because I am "eating" my way to maintence and don't gain much. Now, when I have to add a bit more food to this in a month, should it be carbs, protein, or fat? I know my protein is high, that's why I don't know what to do. Any advice you could (and anyone else ) give me is much appreciated, thanks for your time bro.

  2. Well your breakfast looks very good to begin with. And everything looks solid up until meal 4. Personally I only suggest 1 protein shake each day and thats post workout. Im not sure if you dont like tuna, cottage cheese or yogurt, but these are very good bulking foods along with some nuts of some sort. If you could replace 2 of those 3 protein shakes with a solid, whole food you'd be much better off. And if thats whey protein in those shakes, its useless anyways, whey absorbs in roughly 45 minutes, so its basically in and of you in, not a very good meal replacement. Assuming you dont have the same dinner each day (or maybe you do) Treat yourself maybe once or twice a week to a large piece of fish (salmon or herring are good choices) This is also assuming you have that money to spend, cause you and I both know its not cheap. You can also substiute that brown rice (which is a good choice of complex carbs I might add) with a pasta of some sort, or even a better idea is to add pasta in there for maybe meal four to help your calories go up as you grow. *It was good of you to point out that you will have to do this equation everytime you gain 4 or 5 pounds because your calories will need to be adjusted according to your new weight gain. SO maybe meal 4 could look like this:

    8oz Glass of milk
    1 bowl pasta (pasta salad, angel hair pasta, etc)
    1 cup cottage cheese
    1 apple
    *This is just an example, this is actually my meal 3 during the day and its fairly cheap. Meal 5 looks a bit shady too, maybe a can of tuna and some yogurt along with some vegetables of some sort
    *also I know eating whole meals all day everyday becomes a hassle sometimes for whatever reason, so make your own homemade meal replacement shake for say around $.42 a day I believe, something like:
    17oz milk
    1/3 cup crushed oatmeal
    2 scoops protein powder (whey is fine)
    2 scoops natural peanut butter
    1 whole banana
    1 table spoon flax oil

    **This actually tastes damn good and if you use vanilla protein powder, dont hesitate to use some natural vanilla extract to make the taste even better.
    * Ok your last meal of the day (pre sleep meal) should contain a good amount of casein protein (slow digesting) to make it simple, try a glass of milk and a cup of cottage cheese, or just 2 large glasses of milk if you dont like cottage cheese.

    One other note, I hate to do this to you but you're gonna need more veggies in there, you have steamed brocolli, but you need some carrots and other green vegetables. Have a salad somewhere in there to replace one of those protein shakes, this will lower your protein intake and give you a nice amount of anti-oxidants.

    Ok, now I have some questions
    -You mentioned creatine, but are you usuing any other supps?
    - Whats your creatine to dextrose ratio?
    There you have it, everyone else feel free to jump in and add anything you'd like, YJ

  3. Great freedback man, I appreciate it. And the reason I am not taking in any casein protein (dairy) before bed is because I take ZMA, ie no calcium. I know about the 45 min. thing about whey protein, but they are so damn conveinient. I would rather switch to a casein based protein, if that would be much better, any suggestions on brands? Would it be better to take a couple of Casein shakes instead of Whey (besides post)? I have really tried hard not to base my diet on N-large2 like so many others, but instead use as much whole food as possible.

    The only supps I am taking are shakes (whey), multi-vitamin, Creatine, Flax, ZMA, and liver tabs on the way. And yes, I do have the same dinner every day. I have most of my meals pre-made (George Forman Baby!!) so it is very easy not to cheat. I used to treat my self to salmon or Cod, but I got sick of it pretty quick (I ate salmon every day during summer for cutting).

    I like the idea about adding pasta to #4, or even switching it with that shake idea. I thought Meal #5 would look kinda weird, but I use whole wheat bread, natural jam, and natural peanut butter for the sandwich. I use one scoop of Phosphagen (sp?) HP, which is 5g creatine with dextrose (35g of carbs, not sure if it's all dextrose though). I will make sure to also add a cup of baby spinach salad into the mix, as you said, not many calories but great nutrients.

    On a side note: I'm very serious about getting this diet right. I got my bodyfat tested last week, I went from ~7% up to about ~8.5% after I gained 12 pounds. I thinks thats pretty good so far. Hopefully I can reach my goal of 205 'ish so I can compete next year at ~190-195 ripped. Thanks man.

  4. YJ has pretty much covered it but i strongly believe that bulking diets should be at about 5000+ cals per day....i would suggest adding in a weight gainer shake just to give you those extra cals.

  5. For a casein protein man, nothing fancy, hell a couple large glasses of milk would be the best choice, cheap and gets the job done, you could go out and buy a blended protein like PRo Blend 55 or Optimum's Pro Complex.

  6. As for adding pasta, a quick and easy way would to cook up some top ramen, without the seasoning of course, and just eat the noodles. Good or bad idea? Seems like a simple and convenient way to get like 30 or so grams of carbs.

  7. Originally posted by Blazer88
    As for adding pasta, a quick and easy way would to cook up some top ramen, without the seasoning of course, and just eat the noodles. Good or bad idea? Seems like a simple and convenient way to get like 30 or so grams of carbs.

    Seems like a reasonable idea, but I cant say for sure, Im not sure of the nutritional content

  8. I'll check on it to make sure they don't add in a ton of sodium or anything.
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