need help losing weight

  1. need help losing weight

    Ive been stuck at 190 for a couple of weeks im tring to get to around 175. I lift and run three times a week.
    Breakfast: oatmeal, protein shake 50g
    lunch: chicken breast
    snack: Shake
    dinner:steak, baked potato
    snack: shake

  2. Could you be more vague, please?

  3. Meal 1: I have 1 serving of oatmeal with 2% milk and 50 g protein shake with 2% milk

    Meal 2: 1 Chicken breast

    meal 3: 50 g protein shake with 2% milk

    meal 4: 2 filot migeon and a baked potato

    meal 5: same as meal 3

    I have around 15% bodyfat. This is my typical low carb day. I would add a potato on meal 2 and some oats with the shake.

  4. Take a week off from dieting and then go at it again.

    edit: Also, how far are you running? Personally, I prefer sprints for fat loss, they work excellent. I'd usually do 12 100-meter sprints 4-5 times weekly.

  5. Try walking (~3.5 mph) in the morning before breakfast for about 45 minutes.

  6. I will take a week off and then start again on the diet.

    I usually run for 30 minutes not sure how far though.

    Thanks for the help


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