BMR Calculator

  1. BMR Calculator

    Hey, does everyone know the BMR Calculator that uses the Harris Benedict Formula...
    Does anyone know what to put in the activity factor.. i know its adecimal, but what scale do you use?


  2. Nevermind, I found it

    Activity Multiplier
    If you are sedentary (little or no exercise, desk job) multiply BMR by 1.2
    If you are lightly active (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/wk) multiply BMR by 1.375
    If you are mod. active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/wk) multiply BMR by 1.55
    If you take heavy exercise (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days/wk) multiply BMR by 1.725

    I would delete this, but maybe the mods will delete it, I decided to leave it for anyone who needed it


  3. Hey Havok, which Calculator are you talking about.. the one I did. if that is it then it is
    Sedentary 0.3
    Moderate 0.5
    Heavy 0.75
    If you mouse over the cell where it is then it will pop up with a comment box..

  4. Doh!

    Damn, I never saw that

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