Need more advice for this...

  1. Need more advice for this...

    I want to also lose all the ANNOYING fat that is in my thighs, chest, and stomach that didnt go away after I lost about 65 lbs. (at 187 now). Besides this, i look ok. Can anyone make a suggestion?

  2. post up your diet, training, rest schedule, etc.

  3. I dont really have a stable training schedule man, I was hoping someone here could help me

    As for my diet, well...
    I try to stay away from unhealthy stuff but sometimes have to give in. In a day, I usually eat:

    breakfast:cereal, sometimes wheat toast.

    turkey sandwich,lettuce,tomato,mustar d,whole wheat bread. Drink water or tea

    dinner:chicken or some kind of meat, baked potato with pepper and a LITTLE sour cream, vegetable: usually corn,green bean,peas

  4. Ps How acceptable is it to eat other things that arent so healthy once in a while, like diet coke, pizza, sub, etc. etc.?

  5. oh damn, you need some help bro, lol. at least 6 meals a day, start with bodyweight x 1.25 = protein. probably around the same for carbs, maybe a little higher. flax seed oil, whole eggs, salmon, olive oil, etc. have good fats in them. good foods to eat - canned tuna and chicken, lean beef, fish, lentils, oatmeal, whole wheat/grain products, etc. get ya some good whey protein to consume for pre and post workout. mix it with some oatmeal or something. good stuff. diet is quite simple once you have an idea.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by AGOF
    Ps How acceptable is it to eat other things that arent so healthy once in a while, like diet coke, pizza, sub, etc. etc.?
    when cutting, allow yourself 1 cheat meal per week. when bulking, adjust accordingly, i'll generally eat a few on weekends, then it's back to strict for the weekdays. keeps me lean enough.


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