We all know JGUNS from the old Triedia and CEM.... heres his cutting program...

By popular demand. Here it is:


This is a variant of the Cyclical Ketogenic diet that I use. I don't really go into ketosis, because of the lipolytic (fat burning) and muscle sparing
qualities of steroids. This is all about carb manipulation and eating the right type of carbs. First off, you need to be eating low Glycemic carbs nearly all the time. Low GI causes a more low key insulin response. A large spike in insulin increases fat storage and High Glycemic carbs (like sugar) do that. You want to eat low GI carbs that are mostly unprocessed. That means made. Flour tortillas are a great example of processed, high GI carbs. I have attached a GI chart that shows what foods are on the GI scale, the lower the number the better (use either the glucose scale or bread scale, it really doesn't matter). You
will start the cycle out by eating a pre defined amount of carbs. Say starting on monday you will start with 200 grams of carbs. spread these carbs out throughout the day. You should eat most of them before 7PM. You will then decrease the carbs each day do that you are at less than 20 on friday. Saturday is your "cheat" day. I would eat high GI and Low GI carbs every few hours, you can pick a meal that is your beloved fast food as well but don't go over board. You will want to consume 400-600 grams of carbs.This is because you are refilling you muscle glycogen stores, which are depleted The next day is a moderate or low carb day of 50 grams or less. The only time you are to consume High GI carbs is on your load day, and Post workout WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT.
After you workout, it is important to take in a shake containing 50-75 grams of whey protein and 20-50 grams of a high GI carb like maltodextrin (which pet shops carry) or dextrose. Gatorade, powerade, etc all have these things as well. This counts towards your daily carb intake so adjust the number accordingly. Your body had a short window to refill depleted carb stores post workout. IT is about 20 minutes. The reason you use High GI carbs is because it causes and insulin spike that will allow for nutrients to beshuttled very quickly into the cell. Whey protein peaks in your blood stream within an hour so it is a good choice for shuttling protein into damaged cells.This will essentially put your body in a more anabolic state.
You should be taking in 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. I would use primarily whole protein sources like chicken, tuna, and beef, but a couple of your meals can be whey protein shakes. Eat 6-7 smaller meals per day. This will increase your metabolism. Put alot of green vegetables in. Fat is not to be worried about. Eat moderate amounts, but increase the amounts on your low carb days. Start and end the day with whole protein sources.
Here is a typical meal example:

Morning: Oatmeal, 6 Egg whites 2 yolks
Mid morning 2 scoops optimum whey

Post workout: 30 Grams Malto dextrin mixed with 2 scoops whey

Lunch: Chicken Salad (1 boneless skinless chicken breast, spinach mix,
cucumbers, light cheese,green peppers, light ranch)

Mid afternoon: 2 scoops whey, 2 slices of whole grain bread with peanut butter

Dinner: Steak, Broccoli, maybe a side salad

[b]8 PM:[b] Whey

10 PM: Whole protein source with Flax oil or 2 scoops of Casein based protein
powder ( I like Advanced Protein from Biotest)

That is an example. Depending on carb intake for the day, you can add in carb sources like rice, veggies, rye or barley bread, etc.

You will feel crappy on your low carb days, but you will adjust.

This is the basic idea, follow it and with training, cardio, and AS you will
drop probably 20 lbs and 8-10% BF in a month or two at least.
Let me know what questions you have.
More to follow...


First off, I think that your primary need right now is to strip off some fat and harden up a little, so I am keeping that in mind with this training program. I am going to start you on a fairly unconventional program known as HST (hypertrophy specific training). It is described at: http://www.hypertrophy-specific.com/hst_index.html
Basically, you will work each body part 3 x's per week increasing the weight each day. It is broken into 2 week segments. The first two weeks are 15 reps sets, then 2 weeks of 10 reps sets, then 2 weeks of 5 reps, then 5 rep negatives. You need to determine what your max is for each exercise at each rep range BEFORE starting the program. Thus find out what your max is at 15 reps, 10 reps, and 5 reps. This program will allow you to build some mass while dieting, as well as burning fat when you work out. You will need to pick 1-2 exercises for each body part. I suggest the following ( the number next to the exercise is one set):

Squats 2
Leg Extensions 2
Leg Curl 2
Incline Bench press 2
Flyes 1
Barbell curls 2
Incline DB Curls 2
Lying tricep extension 2
Tricep Press down 2
Rear delt raises 1
Side raises 1
Shoulder press 1
Barbell Rows 2
Pull ups 2
Calf raises 1

You can switch up different exercises (for example squats on monday, but leg presses on wednesday), but I feel it is unnecessary. If you do, make sure to get their maxes as well. The way that you will run the program is to workout out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The rest are "rest days" but you will do Sprints every morning. You will determine your rep max to be achieved on the last day of the cycle,
thus if for squats your 15 rep max is 200 you would start at 100 lbs on the first monday of the program, then 120 on wed, 140, on friday, 160 the following monday, 180 on wednesday and 200 on friday. Then you would start your 10 reps phase. The jumps in weight between days will vary between the exercise that you are doing. For example, you would maybe have 20 lbs between days on squats but only 5 pounds difference between days on shoulder exercises. After you do you 5
rep phase, you will complete a 5 rep NEGATIVE week. That means that you will work with weights at 120% of your 5 rep week. You will essentially do the exercise backwards, holding the negative portion of your rep for 5 seconds. You may need help getting the weight up. After you complete the first 8 week program, you take a week off and then do it all over again, only your max weight will be heavier if you did it right and you will have to readjust. You will skip the 15 rep phase and go right into the 10 rep phase. You should be spending less than a minute or so between sets to keep your heartrate up for fat
burning, using perfect form. This workout must be completed in less than an
hour, because glycogen stores are depleted and GH drops among other things. Abs should be done every day. I usually do them after wind sprints. Start with 3 sets of Bicycle crunches followed by 3 sets of leg raises. One thing I forgot to mention in the last email was that you may find yourself getting stronger then your rep max. For example, you may have only been able to do 200 lbs on squat 10 times at the beginning of the program when you set your rep maxes, but now you could probably do 10 reps of 220. In that case, just adjust your rep ranges up accordingly.

Now on to diet.

Wind sprints:
These should be done every morning on an empty stomach (very important). I would do 5 sets on training days and 10 sets on non training days. Start with a 3-5 minute warmup then run as fast as you can for one minute, followed by a minute of walking. That is one set. do this 5-10 times and then cooldown by walking for 3-5 minutes. These should get your heart rate up to 80% of you VO2

Maximal AAS Cycle
Weeks 1-12 Test Prop 500-800 Per week
Weeks 1-12 Tren 75 MG Every Day
Weeks 7-12 Winstrol 50 MG Every day
Arimidex at .5 MG ED or EOD

The tren and test will really rip you up nicely when use with the diet. The
test is to combat sexual sides and is a nice stack with the tren, because it will add a little mass where winny and tren are more about strength and hardness.

With this combo you can start post cycle therapy 3 days after your last shot of tren/winny. I would start with 300 MG of clomid the first day and 1 shot of 3000IU of HCG. Then do 10-14 days of clomid at 100 MG, followed by 10-14 days of clomid at 50 mg. After the first shot of HCG, I would wait five days and shoot 2000 IU, in another 5 days 2000IU and in another five days 1000IU. I would also throw in either arimidex (the best), or Nolva every day.