homemade protein bars

  1. homemade protein bars

    ive read a lot of threads about homemade bars.. anyway all of them use peanut butter as an igredient.. unfortunatly im allergic to peantus.. so i was wondering if anyone had a recipe for a bar without peanut butter.. ive tried a few things but all came out tasting very bad... any advice would be great

  2. ive seen soy, almond and cashew butter at my local health foods store. you might try something like that.

  3. I can't speak for soy or cashew butter since I haven't tried them, but almond butter tastes amazing! I've come to find it far superior to peanut butter in terms of texture and flavor. Definitely give it a shot.

  4. bizump on the almond butter... ****in good stuff, absolutely... bummer about the peanut allergy bro, these other nut butters will probably do the trick though

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