clen on the weekend?

  1. clen on the weekend?

    would it work to run eca's during the week & clen on the weekend? it's just too much to be shaking & sweating like that at the office. lol...

  2. you might not like it, but somebody at the office probably likes to see you shake and sweat...

  3. I read on another board that ephedra actually down regulates the beta-2 recpetors more than clen. Personally, I'd never use clen...again. The feeling of your heart pounding, while your just sitting down really doesn't seem to heart healthy.

  4. i only took it up to about 60/day, just a real nasty speed buzz from hell. like doing too much caffeine or something. heart rate was a little higher all day for sure, but just hard to function in my environment. i feel great usually doing eca, chocamine, green tea,yohimbine type thing.

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