Possible Thyroid problem?

  1. Possible Thyroid problem?

    Is it possible for males to have thyroid problems? I assume it is. What are the symptoms? Also, symptoms of low test? Thanks.

  2. i assume it is...i can speak from a woman's point here/.....I have hypothyroidisum....or Hoshmoto(spelling)...pretty much the gland creates tumors or goiters in the gland and the body wants to kill it...so it works to do so..........symptoms....everyo ne is different.......weight gain/loss..and not just 2-3 pds,...I mean a noticable difference......sensitivty to hot or cold,with a girl peroid issues, skin issues, hair loss, you name it..mood alternater....

    blood test, for tsh,2,3,4....should tell you something......

    good luck

  3. Thanks for posting. My question is pretty vague. I've been feeling lethargic/tired/mood swings/rapid weight gain/ etc. for months now. I'll go get some bloodwork done tomorrow.

  4. Of course it is, hows the diet though?

  5. another way to tell....the way my dr told me....take a sip of water, lean your head back and when you swallow feel your throat...lumps, (not adams apple)......I do it from time to time because i can feel my tumors it sounds weird but works.....

  6. Quote Originally Posted by refrieddreams
    Of course it is, hows the diet though?
    10x body weight in cals a day (so around 2000 to 2150), 50/30/20 protein, carb, fat ratio.

    Only lean foods. Chicken Breast, Tuna, White Fish, etc. Whole grain carbs (brown rice).

    Also add udo's choice oil (all 3 omegas - EFAs).

    Weights 3-4x a week. Cardio 5x a week. Cardio (bike, running, etc.) 30-40 min. with elevated
    pulse of 155 bps.

    Weights are and always have been heavy. Rep range of 8-10.

    Haven't lost a pound, actually gained. Which isn't a problem, except for the fact that it is fat
    (increase waist size). Any ideas?

  7. Are you counting the calories from the Udos? What is your weigh and LBM?

  8. Take your temperature first thing immediately upon rising in the morning.

    You could do a google for hypothyroid. There is a ton of info on it out there. Some symptoms are cold extremeties, low body temperature, thining eye brows, just to name a couple.


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