Food List for CLEAN eating

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  1. Food List for CLEAN eating

    Ok, I have my own list, but frankly would like to expand it. Recipes help but, for this thread, how about if we just list foods that should/could appear on a well-made 'eating clean' shopping/meal list...

    The very basic...

    oatmeal (whole grain)
    chicken, breast (skinless, boneless)
    cottage cheese (fat free or low fat)
    brown rice (long grain)
    sweet potatoes

    The 'would work for some plans, not for

    top-round steak
    pasta (whole wheat) [possibly organic]

    Let the listing begin! Give your favorites or fill in what gets left out as we go along...

  2. my diet is boring as **** when dieting down .. the only thing i can add is skim milk and fat free yogurt .. incredibly low GI and all the benefits of milk

  3. Unbreakable
    David Dunn's Avatar

    Egg whites
    Fiber One

  4. beans
    bell peppers
    bison steak(lower fat than chicken breast and tastes awesome)
    ground trukey breast;it can be added to anything for a different texture
    I think that seasonings become vitally important when trying to eat clean(low sodium of course)

  5. Spinach
    Green Beans

  6. Uncle Sam cereal

  7. Ground turkey. I like to mix a little bit of "Franks hot sauce" in it and eat b4 bed...good sleep, good slow release protein.

  8. Here's a complete list for you, in Excel format, with nutritional information.

    You'll need to unzip it...

    Clutch Fitness Bodybuilder's Grocery List


  9. Good list Fireproof... thanks.

    Any more additions?

    What about other ideas for food prep? To keep from getting tired of a food type?

  10. I think a lot of people forget about lean ground beef. You can now find 96% lean ground beef in most grocery stores (including Walmart) for pretty cheap, and it has about the same fat content as a chicken breast.

    Plus, it's very flexible. I brown up a few pounds of it at a time and eat it a variety of ways (on a salad, or mixed with sweet potatoes, or just plain with a side of veggies, etc...)

    Good source of protein. Red meat = yummy!

    Don't forget plenty of greens. Top three choices would be: Broccoli, Asparagus, and Green Beans.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by refrieddreams
    Ground turkey. I like to mix a little bit of "Franks hot sauce" in it and eat b4 bed...good sleep, good slow release protein.
    I second the ground turkey. In many cases, its cheaper than chicken and a lot leaner too.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    my diet is boring as **** when dieting down .. the only thing i can add is skim milk and fat free yogurt .. incredibly low GI and all the benefits of milk
    Except for the Big Macs...

  13. How is skim milk low GI? Just wondering...

  14. Skim milk rates as 32 on the GI scale. That's pretty low.

  15. and a supreme pizza from pizza hut is a 33

  16. All we're really given is a little dash between two dates: when you started and when you ended. What will you do with your dash?


  17. Hey dudes, lets keep this list going. Nice link Crowned One!

  18. Careful with the frozen boneless/skinless chicken it can have a hell of a lot of sodium.

  19. Whole wheat tortillas and a sugar-free salsa: great for tex-mex varieties.

    Olives: most only think of the oil but why not eat the whole fruit - especially for satiety when dieting.

  20. Fireproof comes in and lays the smack down as always.

    I love tuna sandwhiches on whole wheat with melted fat free mozerlla cheese thats what im eating now so thats why i posted it :0

  21. It may be boring but look at the benefits, and theres always updated foods comign out

    that are healthy.

  22. Buffalo/whole wheat pasta
    grilled chicken/brown rice
    Salman./ Red potatoe (white potaoes RE FAST ACTING CARBS)
    tuna/whole grain wheat wrap
    turket breast/ wild rice
    fat free yogurt/ grapefruit

  23. Be careful with the whole wheat tortillas. I love them but until recently I didn't know that some brands contain hydrogenated oils.

  24. i noticed after i ate a whole wheat tortilla (with tuna) last night that i had a weird smell/feeling something coming from my stomach(or wherever) , unless it was my multi.

    The Hydrogenated oil should show up on the ingredidents so just get whole wheat totillas w/o Hydrogenated oil. problem sloved

  25. good post, thanks guys

  26. Mustard like Grey Poupon is virtually calorie free and adds taste to food.

  27. I like to eat different types of wild game as typically they have a lower fat content yet a high protein content
    Another thing to try is edamame.

  28. Yeah, mustard is definitely the bodybuilder's condiment. Anyone mention GrapeNuts? A little high in sodium but they're great in the morning w/skim milk when I dont have time to cook oatmeal.


  29. sandwiches...

    Trader joes california complete protein sprouted grain bread, 3 slices butterball 98% fat free turkey breast, 3 slices fat free american cheese, lettuce, tomato and sweet+spicy mustard. Put 2-3 of them in your backpack and you're good to go for the afternoon. Comes in at about 40g protein, 40g carbs, ~5g fat, ~360 calories


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