protein before morning cardio?

  1. protein before morning cardio?

    doing the 1st thing in the am cardio. wondering if i should do a scoop of whey or aminos with my stims? doing 30 mins @ 65-70% of max. on recumb. bike.

  2. It would be a good idea to possibly prevent muscle catabolism that may occur with fasted mroning cardio.

    There are a few very good threads here on pre-cardio nutrition and people's opinions on whether doing cardio in the morning has an added benefit on fat loss that you may want to search for.

  3. personally when i do morning cardio i don't eat anything before hand just get up grab a bottle of water and hop on the treadmill

  4. I wouldn't either. They'd probably just be converted to glucose anyway. From what I've heard lately, being in a severe catabolic state every morning when you wake up is just a big myth. I would make sure to keep intensity low though, about 60%, maybe 65. JMO

  5. Oh yeah, here's some good cardio threads: 1, 2, & 3

  6. Early am cardio slow pace - 65%-75% requires no protein before hand there are an ass load of threads here that will debate both - but a simple study from pub med will show that it's not neccesary. I think this question along with which type of cardio (slow of H.I.T) may be two of the biggest talked about/debated subjects here.

  7. When I do morning cardio, I just take a Lean Extreme and stims. Like moyer said, all of the protein will probably be converted to glucose.
  8. Wink

    thanks guys, all good thoughts. i think the protein would likely just go through glyconeogenesis, but it never hurts to get some anecdotes. honestly, i don't know which i'm more leery of, absolute scientific data or web-blabber. lol. i mean, can they still prove that a bee can't fly? have a great weekend y'all.

  9. I'm anti fasted cardio, but I'm an ecto/hardgainer and go catabolic if I don't eat all the time. At least some BCAA's/EAA's first thing and before cardio. I usually eat an hour or 2 pre-cardio just as I do pre-weights. Some of you eddos and mesos have a much easier time in the BB game. I love you all anyway....

  10. Quote Originally Posted by julius kelp
    can they still prove that a bee can't fly?

  11. they could years ago...of course it was anything but reality.


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